John MacArthur Has Unflattering Words for Mother Theresa

We never covered this when it was released in 2015 and later discussed at the 2021 Master’s Academy International Symposium (TMAI 2021) but pastor John MacArthur of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California had some alternately complimentary and then unflattering things to say about Mother Teresa, likening her knowledge of Christianity to that of a small child.

Speaking about the time when the title ‘born again’ became popularized, MacArthur explains:

Charles Colson wrote a book called ‘Born Again‘ and there was testimony in it by Mother Teresa. I remember when I met her, she did she didn’t know as much about Christianity as a Sunday school kid at Grace Community Church, I mean she didn’t know the real gospel.

And from his 2015 comments.

Mother Teresa was very true to her catholic faith. My family and I went to visit her when we were in Kolkata. We gave her a copy of the book The Gospel According to Jesus and it was an interesting occasion. She’s a very gracious woman, very strong, very gracious little four-foot lady. And the kids wanted to give her this book and so they did and she said she’d read it. Bbut mother Teresa was very, very true to her catholic faith. She’s a very true catholic.

She understood catholicism very well. In in the front of a bible which she autographed, she wrote ‘may you enter into the heart of Jesus through the Virgin Mary’ and signed her name.

So she believed that salvation is by virtue of Mary and that’s very true to the catholic faith. Another thing that was true to the catholic faith, was we went into her home for the sick and dying in Kolkata, and on the walls were Hindu gods. Pictures of the Hindu gods- you know those multi-armed bizarre gods and deities of the Hindus on the walls of this catholic facility. By the way it it was immediately adjacent to the the most vile, deviant temple that I have ever seen inmy life anywhere in the world.

For some excellent commentary, check out the BTWN page below, where we also saw the story.

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