Canadian City Prohibits Marriage Unless Bride and Groom are Fully Vaccinated

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The city of Oakville, Ontario (technically a town, though it has over 210,000 people, and ironically called “Jokeville” by some of its residents) has enacted the harshest restrictions in the country in order to “prevent” the spread of COVID—by forcing anyone wanting to get a marriage license to show proof of full vaccination.

Both shots are required unless neither of them contains the mRNA vaccine, in which case “Three doses of a COVID-19 vaccine not authorized by Health Canada” will need to be provided in order to be considered fully vaccinated.

Mayor Rob Burton explains that this new law only applies to those who booked after September 22, and anyone who pre-booked prior will not have to require proof. [Editor’s note: How gracious!] He notes on the town’s bylaw page:

The alternative to these measures will be yet another lockdown as the fourth wave grows. The vast majority of Oakville has chosen to get vaccinated to prevent another lockdown. The town is not going to let the unvaccinated jeopardize the health and activity opportunities of the community.

Jane Clohecy, the town’s Chief Administrative Officer agrees, likewise noting:

We are 18 months into this global pandemic with a highly transmissible variant circulating in the community. This public health crisis requires extraordinary measures to keep our community safe. Implementing a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy will help protect the safety of our employees and members of our community who [sic] we serve.

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