Trump Claims that ‘Nobody Has Done More for Christianity’ than Him

Making an appearance on the Christian TV station The Victory Channel, former President Donald Trump has again repeated his assertion to have been God’s gift to Christians, telling Flashpoint host Gene Bailey that no one has done more for the faith that he has- an eye-raising assertion that has no basis in reality, given the millennia of thousands of preachers, pastors and writers that Christianity has produced (Such as Charles Spurgeon or the apostle Paul, for example) while also taking shots at his Democratic rivals.

Bailey: Alright, last question. I know you need to go here soon. There are between 90 and 100 million evangelicals in America. And as you know, our Flashpoint audience is a highly motivated part of that group. What’s your message to them? How should they stay engaged with you and the nation during this tumultuous time?

Trump: “So nobody has done more for Christianity or for evangelicals, or for religion itself, than I have. So many different things, getting rid of the Johnson Amendment, You know that that’s where people like you that we want to hear, but were unable to speak because you lose your tax exempt status, which is a very bad thing, and very costly, and not even, not even anything that you can do.

But so many different things. We’ve done Mexico City policy, and we could go down a list of items. And I said that Biden was going to be bad, he’s turned out to be far worse than anybody ever thought.

You talk about abortion, you talk about all of the subjects that you do every Sunday and, or during the week. And he’s terrible on these subjects. And he lied. So they also cheated very much on what they really think of organised religion and religion, and frankly, Christianity.

And I said it was going to happen, but I had no idea was going to be this bad. You take a look at what they’re doing. It’s, it’s destructive. Also, nobody’s done so much for Israel as I have, as you know, with Jerusalem, and frankly, ending the Iran nuclear deal, which is a disaster. And all of the other things that done for Israel,.

So and by the way, in the evangelical community, I mean, I actually get probably more credit for that than I do with Jewish people. But Israel is a very important element. So nobody’s done what I’ve done. And I’m very happy to do it. And they’ve turned out to be much worse than anybody ever thought.”

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