Google Bans Live Action’s Prolife Ads Ft. Fetal Development + Abortion Pill Reversal

Google has inserted itself squarely into the abortion debate by blocking a video that shows how babies develop in the womb, as well as an ad explaining how to safely resolve an abortion pill reversal.

Describing the fetal development video as an “unreliable claim” the search giant blocked all the ads by Live Action, and has refused to elaborate what those might unreliable claims might be. (Banned Video featured below)

They’ve also removed and banned all ads telling a prospective abortive mother what to do if they have already taken the first dose and now regret their decision, with google deeming that telling them that a woman can take a high dose of progesterone in order to reverse the first chemical-abortion pill is somehow unsafe, on account of pro-abortion critics deeming it “medically harmful.”

As a result, 12 state senators have sent a letter to Google Ceo Sundar Pichai demanding answers on why this was done, making implicit threats of further action if he doesn’t answer them.


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3 thoughts on “Google Bans Live Action’s Prolife Ads Ft. Fetal Development + Abortion Pill Reversal

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