Hillsong Charging Members $$$ To Attend Own Church Event

Hillsong Phoenix has quite the racket going. Not only do they get their hands on that sweet, sweet mammon from their congregants every Sunday, but they are double-dipping by charging congregants who want to attend a mini-conference hosted by the church and featuring their own pastors speaking.

The event – called SummerCon – is a one-day event taking place at the church. The speakers are the pastors, and the worship team is the house band. Meals are not provided, and there are no special guests coming that they might need to pay for flights or expenses, or workbooks they might need. Basically, the pastors are charging their own congregants $13 to hear them speak.

Naturally, there is no reason why the church could not put on this event free of charge, given that it is geared towards but when you live by earthly riches, you die by them.

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3 thoughts on “Hillsong Charging Members $$$ To Attend Own Church Event

  1. Hey Hillsong dupes – SummerCON! It’s a CON! Your revered leaders are telling you in advance that it’s a CON! You are being robbed! You’re being robbed of every cent you give them each week, and may be being robbed of your salvation. Get out of there and go to a proper Bible church – now!!

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