The Wokefication of World Vision: Jesus Learned ‘Cultural Intelligence’ and ‘Intercultural Development’ From Samaritan Woman

Continuing our series in the ways that World Vision has gone woke, we bring you Session 12 of their May We Be One curriculum. Moderated by Dr. Soong-Chan Rah and Rev. Sandra Maria Van Opstal, this one features Dr. Efrem Smith, the co-lead “Pastor” of Bayside Church Midtown in Sacramento.

We previously covered Smith in Session 5, after he explained that “Jesus Stepped Into The Gaps That Existed In The Gender Structure” and also offered Praise for Black Liberation Theology + White Folk Continue To Colonize Latinx.

Now, in session 12, he explains how Christians need to develop the way we look and understand the world, and that even Jesus had to grow and develop his own cultural intelligence, and he did so by learning from the Samaritan woman.

We are in need of ongoing development, to grow in our cultural intelligence. To grow in our intercultural development.

…Never confuse relationships for development. Relationships can definitely play a role in our development, but it doesn’t mean that we’ve given ourselves to the journey of development. What am I saying here? What I’m saying is sometimes people think they’re already developed culturally, that they have high cultural intelligence, just because they have a diversity of friends.

…We don’t consider that some people might be assimilating into our culture. So we may have diverse relationships, but all of these diverse relationships are based on our cultural terms, based on our cultural privilege, on our cultural platform.

And so there is an opportunity for us to learn. Even Jesus, in the Gospel of John chapter 4, when he went to Samaria, even though He’s Lord and Savior, he’s truly God and truly human, without sin, he sits at the well and looks up as a learner. Like a servant to the Samaritan woman. [Editor’s note: No. He did not. It is not even implied in the text. That is made up hogwash to float an extra-biblical agenda.]

h/t to @wokepreachertv for the vid and transcript

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3 thoughts on “The Wokefication of World Vision: Jesus Learned ‘Cultural Intelligence’ and ‘Intercultural Development’ From Samaritan Woman

  1. I’m amazed at the new and stupid ways the woke have found to abuse that text. It’s almost as spectacular as the ways in which they try to convince people being homosexual is totally biblical.

  2. If he were talking about wokist progressives who act like they’re superior to everyone else just because they have a few black friends, he would actually have somewhat of a point, less the warping of scripture. But he’s aiming in the wrong direction.

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