Harvard’s New Lead Chaplain is an Atheist

(Faith Wire) Harvard University — originally a seminary training ministers with the motto “Truth for Christ and the Church” — has a new chief chaplain, and he’s an atheist.

Greg Epstein, author of the book “Good Without God,” has served as the humanist chaplain at the Massachusetts school for years. But now he’s been promoted to president of the organization of chaplains, according to The New York Times, which reported his election as unanimous.

“There is a rising group of people who no longer identify with any religious tradition, but still experience a real need for conversation and support around what it means to be a good human and live an ethical life,” the 44-year-old Epstein told The Times. “We do’t look to a god for answers. We a…

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Editor’s note. This article was written by Tré Goins-Phillips and published at Faithwire.

5 thoughts on “Harvard’s New Lead Chaplain is an Atheist

  1. Most of the hospital chaplains I’ve encountered aren’t Christians. When my wife was in the hospital a few years back, the “chaplain” was a tatted / ringed hippie caricature who was into New Age. I shared the Gospel with him. A good friend who spent lots of time in the hospital said that he regularly shared the Gospel with non-Christian “chaplains.”

  2. “We are each other’s answers.”

    Atheists – for claiming to be the most rational, they say some of the most illogical things.

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