PCA Pastor Promotes Pastrix Daughter’s Pro-Abortion Message

We want to talk about “Pastrix” Michelle Higgins and the PCA that made her. We’ve covered the Truth’s Table host a bit in the last few weeks, particularly how she is pro-choice, pro-LGBTQ, and has crafted a theology developed to promulgate the queering of the Trinity. While it might be easy to surmise that she’s just some random pastrix who cut her teeth on liberalism and progressivism since she was a child, and now is all grown up, she is anything but.

Michelle grew up within the Presbyterian Church of American, which is by and large a conservative denomination (contrasted to those devils at the PCUSA). Her Father is Mike Higgins, who is the senior pastor at the PCA South City Church St. Louis, while also being a professor and administrator at Covenant Theological Seminary—which is a PCA denominational school. In fact, it was in that very same school that she earned her M. Div.

Before she became senior pastrix, she was on staff at South City Church as a “Director of Worship and Outreach.” It was during her tenure there that she sought to host an event through her organization “Faith and Justice” at her church in 2019, where she invited an openly lesbian speaker to preach. Once this was discovered, South City, after sustained fire and criticism, announced they would no longer be holding it, and Michelle found another church to host it—Oak hill Presbyterian Church, an inclusive church that supports homosexuality and abortion.

This event caused quite a brouhaha in the PCA, and after enough people complained, this incident came under “investigation” by the Missouri Presbytery. This is the same presbytery that “investigated” Greg Johnson and exonerated him, and basically concluded “no harm, no foul.”

Shortly after the controversy, Michelle was no longer on staff at South City. In the summer of 2020 Michelle became a pastor at the ultra-progressive St. John’s Church), which is part of the United Church of Christ denomination.

Pastor Mike Higgins is still her biggest fan, however, and continues to promote and praise her many acts of bible butchery. One discernment minion brought this salient fact to our attention, writing:

To scroll through Mike Higgins’ Facebook page and see his statements and reading habits shows that Michelle is not rebelling against the teaching she received from her father but following in his footsteps and taking his teaching further! Overall, he has been somewhat ambivalent (publicly) about his daughter being a preacher. But in case there were any questions about where his allegiance is, he recently preached from her pulpit (July 25, 2021).

After learning of her calling [by Satan no doubt] to lead St John’s church, Mike Higgins likewise sent her congrats on Facebook:

Then when Michelle Higgins appeared on ABC’s Soul of a Nation promoting abortion as a form of “Reproductive Justice” her father likewise gave her a shout out on Twitter:

He gave her a similar shoutout after she gave an interview with NPR where she voiced her support for the LGBTQ community.

It’s hard not to surmise that he shares her views, given what he said a few years ago as well.

Our researcher further explained more ties that Michelle has:

Michelle has gained a following outside of St. Louis through her Truth’s Table podcast and social media activism. This is known in many PCA circles. For instance, both Michelle and her father have been promoted, protected, and (in some cases) platformed by woke PCA leaders. One notable example of this can be seen in a series of leaked email from the National Partnership (NP) leader Mike Khandjian. These leaked NP emails mention the need to defend Michelle for her statements on the Truth’s Table podcast and a hearty promotion of that podcast to others. 

[Note for context: The National Partnership is a “secret” invite-only group of left leaning PCA pastors and elders created to guide voting and invigorate left-leaning pastors to be involved in PCA denominational politics. It seems to be headed by James Kessler and Mike Khandjian, although no official list of leadership is available.] 

While Higgins is no longer affiliated with the PCA, her biggest cheerleader is. He and other theological malcontents, while still reeling from the Revoice curb stomp that took place a few months ago at the 2021 PCA General Convention, are bound and determined to continue pushing the PCA away from Christ and into the open arms of their father the devil.

Editor’s Note: Bonus rant by Higgins when she got mad on her show that some people believed women couldn’t be pastors:

What does that word mean? What does the word ordainable mean? It literally means possesses a penis. It does not mean is currently in seminary, has graduated with an M. Div., and has gone before a licensure committee. Ordainable means that the person is able to be set to the practice of potentially becoming a church leader.

And specifically in some denominations church leaders may only be male and therefore when you whittle it all down that word is how we live out a theology that we have proof-­texted to death, to twist and to turn, in order to re-­erect a wall that God, I believe, tore down in his flesh.

Jesus, in his male body, tore down a dividing wall that now allows me to be just as complete as a woman, and yet in my own context no one will hear me unless maybe I develop and design a penis­-shaped microphone cause if all you need to have is a penis in order to be heard then maybe we should have a line of penis microphones. Because it is all that you need to have to pass out communion, to take up the offering, to shake hands with the visitors when they come in.

[Editor’s note: Although the qualifications for an elder, including a pastor, do include being a man, it includes MUCH more. For a complete list, please consult 1 Timothy 2-3, and Titus 1 as starting points.]


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9 thoughts on “PCA Pastor Promotes Pastrix Daughter’s Pro-Abortion Message

    1. That would be “black” (small ‘b’), Einstein. Seriously, get your GED.
      (insert tiny flags here denoting I am neither a sexual deviant nor mentally ill).

  1. On top of being pro-pervert and pro-child killing, they are inherently dishonest for staying in the PCA. The PCUSA is right there for wolves like them. Why not go there?

    P.S. Reproductive justice is when the child doesn’t get crushed and dismembered.

  2. A daughter of Moloch.
    Nothing makes a godless liberal feel more alive than the mass-slaughter of unborn children.

  3. I can’t believe anybody stupid enough to believe that freedom can result from progressivism/socialism could possibly legitimately earn a Masters degree. Where did she get her degree, Walmart?

    And what is just about murdering your child? Is it unjust to have a child? What in the sam hill does “reproductive justice” even mean? If a woman becomes pregnant, does that mean God did some sort of injustice to her? What’s the injustice?

  4. It’s amazing how God predicted the woman trying to usurp male authority in the church all the way back in Genesis 3.

  5. Follow the link in the article for Mike Higgins at Covenant Seminary. The courses he teaches are History of the Black Church in America, Theologies of the Civil Rights Era, and A Theology of Suffering. Obviously this clown is not qualified to be a pastor or a seminary teacher according to the witness of his own tweets in support of his heretic daughter. Covenant is the only place he has ever taught. My seminary professors had to pay real dues to become professors. Let me guess, another unqualified black man who climbed the ranks of the military because he is black and is then given a seminary teaching position without experience in order to teach Woke black history and black theology. I wish this was a joke.

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