Survey: 60% of Born Again Christians Don’t Believe Jesus is the Only Way

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60% of born-again Christians don’t believe that Jesus is the only way to heaven, according to a new survey commissioned by Probe Ministries in their quest to determine what percentage of professing believers are pluralists.

The survey results are disturbing because the results are not derived from a generic Christian label, but rather all the participants had to confirm that they were “born-again” which includes affirming that they have 1) made a “personal commitment to Jesus Christ that is still important in their life today and 2) when asked what will happen to them after they die, affirmed “I will go to heaven because I confessed my sins and accepted Jesus Christ as my savior.”

Of this group:

  • 85% said that Jesus died on the cross “To redeem us by taking our sins and our punishment upon Himself” (10% said He threatened the stature of the Jewish leaders of the day.)
  • 71% said that while on earth, Jesus was sinless.
  • 69% said Jesus will return to this earth to save those who await his coming.

They continue:

What do Americans believe about multiple ways to heaven? And, especially what do Born Again
Christians believe? To determine who was a pluralist, we asked what the respondents thought about the
following two statements:

Muhammad, Buddha and Jesus all taught valid ways to God. Answers from Disagree Strongly to Agree

I believe that the only way to a true relationship with God is through Jesus Christ. Answers from Disagree
Strongly to Agree Strongly

The real shocker jumping from this page is that over 60% of Born Again Christians are also pluralists.
Apparently, a majority of Born Again Christians are ignorant about the basic teachings of their faith.
Also, it is interesting and disturbing that the percentage of Born Again Christians who are not pluralistic
is almost flat across the ages from

They conclude:

Based on these results, about one-third of Born Again Christians appear to have a consistent biblical
view toward pluralism. Another third appear to be totally in line with the pluralist position. The last third
are those who want to say that Jesus is the only true path to God AND that Mohammad and Buddha also
taught valid ways to God. In church, they may say that Jesus in the only way, but out in the world they
act as if Muslims and Buddhists don’t need to know this critical truth. These individuals have an
incoherent worldview.

These are some sad results, and demonstrate the fruit of much of the modern seeker-sensitive church movement that is big on experiences and therapeutic moralistic deism, rather than deep teaching and catechesis about Christ.

h/t to The Conservative Truth for the story


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11 thoughts on “Survey: 60% of Born Again Christians Don’t Believe Jesus is the Only Way

    1. What’s wrong with this, anti-Semite? Jews are God’s own Chosen People!!🇺🇸🇮🇱🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈

    2. FROM:

      Dispensationalists think that Jews are essentially saved by their race, as if all Jews come from Abraham. I was taught in my early life that Jews were the purest race on earth. I learned later that Jews come in all colors, because Judaism is a religion, not a race. If my evangelical friends and relatives are correct, then I should be able to become “chosen” by becoming a Jew–that is, by converting to Judaism. Then I would not really need Christ or the grace that He offers, because my new “race” would give me special privileges.

      Why do you suppose there are more Christians converting to Judaism than the other way around? Christians want to be “chosen.” They do not feel like they are part of God’s “elect” (chosen) unless they become Jewish and start following the law according to Talmudic tradition. So they are seduced and induced by Dispensationalism to betray Christ and convert to Judaism.

      1. I agree that dispensationalism (along with futurism) is a wrong – and to many dangerous – false teaching that’s been embraced by many, but I believe we can disagree with them and still meet in Heaven.
        As for the Jews, they have intermarried much over the centuries, As such, many who call themselves Jews are technically not. Also, Israel, like the US, is increasingly secular, having abandoned God’s decrees.

  1. This is one of the simplest ways to see if someone is a fake Christian, or at best “saved and confused.” And you can definitely eliminate any church that doesn’t teach that Jesus is the only way. There are over 100 passages teaching this truth. It isn’t just John 14:6, though that is clear enough. The volume isn’t what makes it true, but it does mean that anyone disagreeing with it has no right to call himself a Christian.

    You can see the full list here –

  2. Actually 0% of born again Christians don’t believe Jesus is the only way to heaven.

    This article could use some in editing. The headline and the first sentence actually seem to say two different things.

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