A Biblical Defense of Fake Vaccine IDs

(Blogandmablog) It is certainly tempting to simply make the case by saying that a fake pandemic should have fake papers to accompany it, but that would be too easy, far too glib. I already have severe critics who struggle with their tendency to be censorious, and that would frankly not help. So I won’t start there.

This really is a challenging subject, and so for those of you who want to study it more thoroughly, I would refer you to some of the things I have written before on related and relevant subjects.

Here is something on black markets. And here is a piece on righteous deception. And another on the propriety of bribing an official into doing his job. Of course, it is a sin to to take bribes, which would be great wickedness (Ex 23:8Deut. 27:25)—but there are occasions where it is not a sin to give one (Prov. 18:1621:14). And then along comes a piece discussing some of the ramifications of Dreher’s Benedict Option, where all of these issues are in play, and with us now living a lot closer to them. So if questions arise in your minds about what I am going to say below, they might well be addressed and answered in these places.

So I am going to sketch where I believe we are in all this, and then I will conclude with seven principles to govern your possible use of fake IDs. You can jump ahead to that spoiler section if you like…

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Editor’s Note. This article was written by Doug Wilson and posted at his website. We are not necessarily advocating for or endorsing everything in this piece, but it certainly thought-provoking and worthy of consideration.


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9 thoughts on “A Biblical Defense of Fake Vaccine IDs

  1. The KJB doesn’t use bribe there, and doesn’t I suppose lead astray like other translations. The article uses esv – I have to question what prudence or discernment there is in having articles constantly with different bible versions, which are corrupted or not very good, and then prove questionable things, or spend the whole article explaining away the inconsistencies the bad translations make half way, as if that was an achievement, when there never was that problem using a good translation. Yes, I think this is the 5th time I’ve risen to the challenge in the last few weeks here. One would almost think it is the bad translations themselves that are causing so much bad doctrine and apostasy.

    Writer appears to be using the ESV. KJB does not use words that require Machiavellian interpretations, and which would contradict other scriptures.

    The first one reads to me a man’s talent brings himself before kings, not unlike Proverbs 22:29. I went online to see if others have read it that way, and they do.

    I don’t even read in secret the same in the second. First, it’s not applicable to the example in question, it is on someone being angry at you, and it could be justifiable too. Second, I do not read it as secret from everyone else but the man, but from the man too.

    ie you could do something nice for the person, even though they are angry at you, not mentioning the anger or that its a gift – “in secret” – like a friend would do anyway without anger. The other way being interpreted to be Machiavellians would not turn away anger, it would just make you a brownnoser, and the reciever of the now bribe would not stop being angry, he’s even worse now be maliciously disposed to keep making you pay like a pepetual slave (or servant to sin if you like in a broader way).

    That from experience works, and goes with other scripture. And you can likewise try to reach their heart – ie “bossom”.

    Regardless, the verse is not applicable to “bribing government officials”, it is on anger. And the same with fake vaccine cards, which would also land you into a lot of trouble and not do much good – because health records. They want you to break the law, so they can arrest you individually and with some justification excuse other than you refusing to let them effect your own body. Which in the end, the writer of this article is egging you on to (and in real life often is doing so on purpose).

    Many scriptures on following God from a worldly sense make no sense as working. They work because God is there helping you. He’s a protector and a rewarder, so do it anyway even if it makes no sense. It makes no sense only if there is no God – we know better.

    If you want to fight involuntary vaccines, a better idea is to do it in broad daylight and in the open, and to do it as a group, like a church. Certainly, I think meeting in a church is a better option then bribery, forgery, black markets, and lying like this article suggests. Wouldn’t it be easier to hold your nose and attend a church then hold your nose to all that???

    For the record, I have done things out in the open and in public the way I think things should be done rightly for a long time, and have used my real name online for decades. THIS IS MY REAL NAME. You’ll never organise using anonymous names, build trust, or really be standing up for anything anonymously. It’s the great delusion of online socializing, that completely anonymous strangers, who could be anyone from anywhere , means anything at all. It’s all fake. Start developing real relationships in the real world and leave the online trickery behind.

  2. Ends justifies the means is dangerous reasoning. Evaluating whether or not something is right or wrong by the results should be avoided. That said, I tend to agree with much of Doug’s article. If you’re dealing with people who are already engaging in unjust, immoral, dishonest, and evil means in order to try to achieve their ends, then you’re in different territory, and fighting fire with fire may be in order. The vaccine mandates are already based on egregious lies – lies about what it does, lies about its efficacy, lies that falsely claim not taking it puts others in danger, etc. One could argue that submitting to such mandates would then be to support and agree with those lies. The ones trying to force or coerce others into taking the vaccine are the ones who are bearing false witness.

    1. It would likely have to go beyond faking the vaccine passports though. As Max said, they can look up medical records. Whether it’s the card or the app, it’s going to be tied into databases containing that information, and be retrievable in real-time. The only way to get around that would be to disrupt those systems.

  3. Yet my (former) pastor told me MLK violating laws was Biblical. Breaking the law to sit on busses and eat at lunch counters is good. Resisting the government injecting everyone for medical experiments is bad. Got it? 👍

    1. Hey, stop stealing the real Johnny’s (above) identity!
      (insert tiny flags denoting I am not a rump-riding deviant nor mentally ill)

  4. A thought provoking tweet from the twitterverse sewer:
    I’m starting to learn who would have hidden Anne Frank and who would have turned her over to the nazis.

  5. “Christian Bale to star in movie about pastor who became a drug runner”

    Headline reminded me immediately of this ‘article. Hollywood will probably incorporate it into movie on how to justify anything from the bible if you misread it ”well or make a new and “improved” translation for it. Blackmarkets, bribes, meetings in bars – a little drug dealing would be natural.

    Heck. maybe they could even justify Hollywood.

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