Mom Fights to Euthanazie 4-Year Old Son

(Live action) A woman in Canada is making headlines after asking the government to waive its euthanasia regulations so she can euthanize her disabled child. According to the Catholic Herald, Karie-Lyn Pelletier wants the ability to euthanize her son, Abel, if his health worsens. The child has Mednik syndrome, a condition that has left him deaf and which causes severe intellectual and intestinal disabilities.

The Catholic Herald reports that Pelletier is requesting “the end that will deliver Abel from his sufferings and the fight he leads.” She has support from a number of politicians, including Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu, who recently worked on Bill C-7, which removed many safeguards from Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) laws.

Michel Bureau, chairman of the commission on life care, is also working to amend the law. “We said a few months ago that it was no longer possible to leave vacant the problem of children who are at the end of their life, in great suffering and who do not have the right to medical assistance in dying,” he said, according to Radio Canada. The news outlet reported that the commission recommended the creation of a parliamentary committee to work with four pediatric centers in Quebec to further investigate allowing euthanasia for children.

Many disability advocates are speaking out against the astonishing proposal. “This is the very fear that disabled people have – that assisted suicide will be used to get rid of disabled people,” said…

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Editor’s Note This article was written by Bridget Sielicki and published at Live Action. Title changed by Protestia


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5 thoughts on “Mom Fights to Euthanazie 4-Year Old Son

  1. First thing that popped into my mind when I read about this. What many people don’t know, especially those on the “left” who advocate for this sort of thing, is that this is almost exactly how the Nazi’s eugenics program got started. A father wrote to Hitler about wanting to put his disabled son to death, and that’s how it began.

    1. They also don’t seem to realize abortion is rooted in eugenics and racism. Whether it can be articulated to satisfaction of atheists and people who worship scientism matters not. We are not the author of life. Only God can give life and only God is allowed to take life away. It is not for man to decide.

      1. Yes, and these vaccine mandates are no different, where people are being fired from their jobs, not allowed to buy groceries, etc. The progressives’ general “ethic” is that it’s ok to get rid of anyone who is deemed to be a burden on the collective society, as determined by them. Of course, 1) it’s rarely actually the case that a person is or would be a burden (or it’s unknown), and 2) even in that rare case, the progressives are the one’s who manufactured that unnecessary dependency in the first place. It’s extremely evil – they allocate public funds to supposedly help the needy thereby making them into a burden, while advocating for killing those who are deemed to be a burden. The socialists in Canada will probably rule in favor of this mother because they’re going to see dollar signs, they’re desperate to try to make socialism work, they’re already too far down that road – murdering the supposed “unfit to live” will make sense on a spreadsheet.

        1. You make a great point! It’s the progressives who promote the idea that it’s compassionate to help people by making them dependent on public funds for survival. Then later it’s the same progressives who decide that those who are a burden on public funds can be eliminated for the good of society.

      2. Or they bloat the system. Like with healthcare, adding tons of regulation, red tape, taxes, etc. which drives up costs, then they turn around and say it’s too expensive to take care of these supposed “unfit to live” – as determined by them. It’s very evil.

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