NAR Queen Bee Gets Right to the Point: ‘Hand Over your Stash!’

A charismatic prophetess cut much of the niceties out of her presentation to get her sticky little fingers into the pocketbooks of hapless hearers at a Christian Conference, according to Salt and Light, getting right to the point by telling attendees that she knows they have a ‘stash’ and she wants it.

Speaking at the Global Summit ‘Advance as One’ conference a few months ago with other NAR heavy hitters like Che Ahn, Bethel’s Bill Johnson, Mike Bickle, James Goll, and Lan Wallnau, Cindy Jacob’s was given the task to clean up any spare dollars above and beyond the 60$ that was charged for this event, repeatedly telling all the participants “I want everyone to give’

Putting on the showiest of shows that would give even the devil second-hand embarrassment, Jacobs makes up stories in order to give the impression that the Holy Spirit is at work and to buttress her creds.

“This has been an unusual weekend for me. Yesterday it started with all this gold dust which I keep trying to get rid of and scrubbing off my face over and over. I think I’m a little tender on my face because I kept scrubbing it. And the things just coming back!”

With gold trading at $1,809.20/ounce at the time of this article, we wonder how many gold bars she could have melted down from the non-stop dust that was secreting from her pores, with the deep wrinkles acting as sluiceboxes.

So right now I want to say to you; there is no better ground than this ministry, I’m on the board of HIM (Harvest International Ministries)..and so I’m asking you to sow into fertile soil. You know there are some places that are good dirt, and there’s some that are not good dirt. I’m good dirt. I believe I’m good dirt (Editor’s note. We agree with her, on account of how much horse manure and bovine scatology permeates her ministry)

Okay, I believe you’re good dirt. So I’m gonna ask you to pray. Some of you- I want everyone to give something, everyone. Yeah and if you can plant a tree of a thousand dollars… I mean you know, Mike and I don’t do anything, we don’t ask you to do something we don’t do.

She inserts a bunch of fanciful stories about this that and the other thing, stories of people alleged;ly sowing and then allegedly receiving enormous blessings, then caps things off with this plea:

“Because tonight, I am boldly asking you without apology. Some of you have a stash. I found out during one offering in Australia that my husband had a stash that I didn’t know about. I didn’t know when I said ‘somebody has a stash ‘ that I was fishing in his pond. What is a stash? Something you’ve been squirreling away. Maybe you need to get it out of the bank. Maybe you just want to write/ say ‘I’m going to do this.'”

h/t to Salt and Light for the video, as well as the featured image which was taken from his video. We edited it slightly for the sake of formatting.


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1 thought on “NAR Queen Bee Gets Right to the Point: ‘Hand Over your Stash!’

  1. Quite simply, these false prophets and narcissistic opportunists either do not believe in God Almighty or just do not fear Him. Sinful fools.

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