Megachurch Pastor (and Moody Bible Institute Trustee) Outlines what Reparations Look like: ‘Free Jobs, Education, Healthcare, and Childcare for 100 Years’

A pastor in Chicago has finally put some meat on the bones of reparation theology; doing what so many others that have demanded it have refused to do: give specific examples of what ought to be done and what sort of measures ought to be practically implemented by the government in order to grant reparations to black folk.

Given that this is such a central and important theological category, he likewise questions the salvation of anyone who denies that black folk are due reparations, making it indeed a “gospel issue.”

This is a blessed relief, given how infrequently this clarity occurs. Jemar Tisby and his cacklin’ pro-aborts over at the Witness BCC routinely peck and peck away at the importance of reparations without ever specifying who pays, how much, and why.

We saw this reticence a few weeks ago when Dr. Gregory Thompson sought to excoriate Kevin DeYoung over his opposition to slavery reparations, taking the position that those who are against reparations are bad, without putting forth any concrete example of what would be fair or equitable, writing:

“We happily acknowledge that we have not fully resolved some of these questions—either in print or in private. He (DeYoung) is right, for example, to ask for clarity about who exactly is culpable for reparations and on what grounds. He is also right to press for greater clarity about the nature of reparative obligation and about when that obligation is met. And he is right to wonder about the impact of time—the passing of generations—on the shape of reparative action. Indeed, we are ourselves in daily and ongoing conversation with practitioners around the world seeking to clarify these very matters.”

Thankfully, Rev. James T. Meek has stepped up. Meeks is the Senior Pastor of Salem Baptist Church of Chicago, a 22,000 member megachurch with a wide reach in the city, as well as a Moody Bible Institute Trustee. Meeks proffers that reparation ought to include a century of free education, free childcare, free healthcare, and a guaranteed job for all black Americans, on account of black folk currently living in the middle of a ‘Negro Holocaust.’

Every year, the United States, right now, we put $5 million in our budget for Holocaust survivors. Right on. I ain’t against Holocaust survivors. They survived a whole lot. But what about those of us who had to survive the Negro Holocaust? What about those of us who are still in the middle of the Holocaust? Don’t we deserve something?

We want free college for every black kid for the next hundred years. That’s the action step. We want a job for every black person in America for the next hundred years. And the government can do it. We want child care for every parent who’s African-American for the next hundred years. We want free health care for every black American for the next hundred years.

Well, pastor, ain’t that gonna take a long time? Ain’t that gonna take a long time? The Congress came together and in two weeks passed a $2.2 trillion stimulus package. If the will is there, if they desire to do it, they can.

Let’s close with the Bible. Luke chapter 18. Luke chapter 19, verse 8. This is Jesus and Zacchaeus.

Listen to what Jesus said. “Jesus said unto him, This day is salvation come to this house, for as much as he is also a son of Abraham.” I’ll know that you’re saved when you start talking about reparations. I’ll know that you’re saved when you start saying and acknowledging that negro people should be paid back. I will know that salvation has come to your house when you admit it is wrong to enslave a group of people and then turn them loose without giving them anything.

So, while other people are getting reparations, while Jews are getting reparations, while Indians are starting to get reparations (I’m happy for you, Indians. I ain’t against you. I’m happy for you), all we get is ghettoes and slums and bad schools.

And you’re wondering why we are turning on each other like savages and shooting each other and killing each other. Because we are denied opportunities. And black kids don’t see a future. And they don’t see a hope. Let’s give them a future. Let’s give them college. Let’s give them health care. Let’s give them child care. Let’s give them hope.

If black lives matter, if you really got it, if you really got it, then government, come on! Turn around and be sensitive and give to black people what black people deserve! Repair the damages! Repair the damages! Repair the damages!

h/t to Wokepreacherclips for the clip


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14 thoughts on “Megachurch Pastor (and Moody Bible Institute Trustee) Outlines what Reparations Look like: ‘Free Jobs, Education, Healthcare, and Childcare for 100 Years’

  1. Apparently, the ‘The Great Society’ programs didn’t do enough to rob generations of the black community of the incentive to better themselves. More giveaways and lack of responsibility will surely do much to reverse the fatherless families, substance abuse, illiteracy, and falling away from God. Yes, let’s try that 🙂

    1. Right. That was supposed to provide their Utopia. As the documentary “Uncle Tom” so clearly exposes, it was to their ruin. But they keep believing the lies of the democraps and their own “leaders.” This “church” also took over $440,000 dollars from the paycheck protection money so they go a government handout too. It was forgiven. They got to keep every dime. I wonder how much went back to the community to help the drugs, fatherless families, gangs, etc????????? We know the answer.

      1. I’m sure you’ve noticed that blacks do virtually nothing for other blacks. Blacks athletes and actors could provide billions of dollars for their culture to get the leg up they think is needed, but they won’t. Why should others inject money into a culture that won’t sacrifice for it’s own? I can only conclude that they care only about money grabbing for selfish, short-sighted gain.

    2. Agreed, except the cause of a culture’s moral & ethical depravity, and gross irresponsibility, is not the Great Society programs. The root cause resides in the culture and what the culture values. Great Society programs neither started the issues, nor can fix the issues.

  2. He needs to get his head back in the bible instead of politics. He should see himself and his fellow African American people in Christ, not the colour of his skin. Holding onto a victim mentality will keep him and his people in bondage to self pity and continue their underachievement in all areas of life.

  3. Preacher Meeks, you’ve got free education all the way through the 12th grade, and in most colleges minority grants and scholarships. But that doesn’t do a hill of beans worth of good if a kid drops out at the age of 12, joins the gang or gets onto drugs, shacks up with half a dozen “baby mammas” because he’s “keepin it real.” If a kid does that, who’s fault is it? You should be addressing such cultural problems. You should be encouraging and supporting young people to serve the Lord, to stay in school and work hard, and to let God deal with it from there, not giving them a bunch of excuses and wrong reasons to go down a wrong path. Maybe they’re hopeless because they’re following your lead. Their fate is in God’s hands. Nobody else’s. And this should be your message. But instead of filling them with that good news – with that courage and faith, you’re filling them with fear, dread, despair. The very statement quoted in this article does that. What did you just tell them? Think about it. Your message was intended for those from whom you want reparations. But what do you think it was to those young people? What did they hear?

    I understand why there might appear to be a holocaust in Chicago, with the high number of blacks being killed every day. Problem is, they’re being killed by other blacks. Who’s fault is that? I don’t care what one thinks may have happened to them, or how bad they think they have it, or what was done to their ancestors, there is no excuse for “turning on each other like savages and shooting each other and killing each other.” Murder is murder.

    Please tell me how in the blasted sam hill you think anyone is going to succeed out in the real world with an attitude so bad that they think all sorts of wrongs up to and including cold-blooded murder are justified because they feel oppressed on a given day? Do you think I would want to work with them? Are you kidding? Would you hire someone with an attitude like that? Be honest. Talk about having axes to grind, somebody like that has an axe to grind right through your jugular. Who taught them that attitude? Who just told them that?

    Money won’t fix these problems. Education wont fix them. Free childcare wont fix them. A guaranteed job wont fix them. Nothing mankind can do for you or give you will fix them. The only thing that will fix them is a change of the heart and mind. Reparations or not, that fact will not change.

    1. Those principles aren’t a white thing, or white supremacy, or white culture (as CRT would suggest). They’re a God thing, God supremacy, they’re straight from His Word, and they apply to everyone of every color of skin.

      “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” – Prov. 22:6

      1. So Pastor Meeks, if you want to know why they’re departing, you might want to consider who’s doing the training and the way in which they’re being trained to go. For that exercise, a mirror might be a useful tool, as I can assure you some white guy thousands of miles away has no hand whatsoever in training any children in your Chicago neighborhood.

        That’s your job.

        Politics, money, power. That stuff is of no consequence. It will not fix the problems. Somebody could hand you a quadrillion dollar check tomorrow morning, no questions asked, and it would not begin to fix the problems. How often do you see millionaires and billionaires, celebrities, successful people committing all sorts of crimes including murder, getting onto drugs, destroying their lives, falling into all forms of immorality and depravity? Just about every day. Money will not fix the problems, and often times it can make the problems worse. Right? The last thing a drug addict needs, for example, is enough money to buy all the drugs they want. They’d be dead in a week. But God can fix the problems.

  4. So, is he saying that the only way black people can succeed in life is if they are given free everything for 100 years? Apparently his definition of success is to be a long, long term welfare recipient. Unwittingly, this guy characterized black people as incapable of success in a competitive marketplace by the normal means of a strong work ethic, wise living, and intelligence. Sadly, he may be right.

  5. Since it was the Democrats who:
    Purchased slaves from their African brethren
    Fought a war, in part, for the right to keep their slaves
    Created the Ku Klux Klan
    Wrote, passed, and enforced the Jim Crow Laws
    Fought against desegregation of the military, public schools, and places of business
    Created the crack/cocaine epidemic in the 1980’s that continues to this day
    That wrote and passed laws that, to this very day, unfairly imprison black criminal offenders with far longer sentences than white criminal offenders,

    And so, so much more

    I’m perfectly okay with every American that voted for Presidents Obama and Biden to hand over 85% of their pretax income as reparations.

    No one else needs to pay, only those that vote Democrat.

  6. “I’ll know that you’re saved when you start talking about reparations. I’ll know that you’re saved when you start saying and acknowledging that negro people should be paid back. I will know that salvation has come to your house when you admit it is wrong to enslave a group of people and then turn them loose without giving them anything.”

    Proof of salvation! Giving free stuff to black people, just like Jesus said. 😏 They’ve already had decades of free education, housing, and healthcare.
    If we really wanted to make up for it, we’d send them back to Africa, all expenses paid. After all, that’s where we went wrong. There you have it, proof that I’m saved!

    1. Obviously his definition of the fruit of salvation is not from Scripture. Even so, where is his concern for other oppressed peoples of the world? He has none apparently. I bet he does nothing for the persecuted church in the world, who are the actual oppressed people of God to whom believers are obligated. Where in Scripture does he conclude that white Christians are responsible for reparations to any black unbelievers were oppressed long ago by white unbelievers? Nonetheless, being “turned loose without giving them anything” is the story of almost every American. Our families immigrated to America and were turned loose in a new country with nothing but the clothes on their back. Funny, we made it, we thrived, at least those with some skills, smarts, and work ethic.

  7. If he wants reparations, he needs to go after the African people who sold his ancestors into slavery. This is not an American problem.

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