Community and Government Officials Protest Church’s ‘Anti-LGBTQ’ Sign

( A church sign commenting on gender identity in Medford sparked dueling but peaceful protests on Friday evening.

Community members and elected officials gathered outside the New England Baptist Church on Salem Street to protest a sign that reads: “MALE AND FEMALE / CREATED HE THEM / GEN 5.2 / GENDER IDENTITY SOLVED.”

On his website, Northeastern University journalism professor Dan Kennedy called the sign an “anti-LGBTQ message.”

“No one was demanding that the church remove the message, which is protected by the First Amendment. But members of the trans community and their allies wanted to let them know that their views weren’t welcome,” Kennedy wrote. “A party atmosphere prevailed, at least on our side…we walked in front of the church once and then stood out on the opposite side of Salem Street, waving flags and signs while motorists honked their horns in support.”

Medford City Councilors Zac Bears and Nicole Morell, as well as Councilor and mayoral candidate John Falco and Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koen, joined community members to protest the sign. 

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16 thoughts on “Community and Government Officials Protest Church’s ‘Anti-LGBTQ’ Sign

  1. …and the godless politicians and even a few godless pretend-Christians shamelessly insult God Almighty with their hysterical whining about ‘hate speech…’
    What a depraved society the Hell-bound have created in this formerly God-fearing country.

  2. All of what we see happening has at least one major thing in common, which is also the exact same thing the serpent succeeded with in the Garden: to undermine God’s Word and authority.

  3. HATE SPEECH IS ILLEGAL! If this “church” actually followed the Bible (Romans 13) they would follow the law, OBEY the government and not post hate speech or homophobia, which is illegal. Do you haters not believe in Romans 13? Only fake “evangelicals” hate on LGBTQ++. True evangelicals stand with 🇺🇸🇮🇱🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈

    1. God’s Word comes first and every individual who actually reads the Bible understands that fact. Your every post confirms you are a godless atheist, totally ignorant of God’s Word.
      Sucks to be you at Judgement, Johnny. Repent.

      1. For the love of the LORD…STOP replying to Johnny, brother! He’s just a troll. Do not feed the trolls.

    2. That appears to be a quite broad definition of hate speech; one that would suppress any and all opposing views on gender. Kind of a my way or the highway approach.

  4. Well, you know what? Your views aren’t welcome either, Professor Kennedy. It’s amazing that the Left claims they are so tolerant, but show absolutely zero tolerance for any viewpoint but their own. Why is it okay for them to say we are wrong, but we we say they are wrong it’s a big scandal? Hypocrites.

  5. “Northeastern University journalism professor Dan Kennedy called the sign an “anti-LGBTQ message.”

    The LGBTQ supporters and community are simply showing their lack of love for God. They refuse to give up their sins for him

  6. Well yes it’s an “anti-LGBTQ message” – because God is “anti-LGBTQ”

    And it is “hate speech” inasmuch as God hates sin

    When Lot offended the entire city of Sodom, God didn’t say “now, now Lot, shame on you for hurting their feelings.” God didn’t do that. He told Lot to leave, and destroyed the every last one of the sodomites.

    1. I get what you are saying, but I would say … to tell someone the truth is not “anti” that person, it is loving that person. To tell someone or a group the truth about sin, and to be ready to share the solutions (e.g. confession; forgiveness; repentance), this is supremely loving.

      So, when liberals/leftists falsely say “anti” they are declaring the exact opposite of reality, and of love.

      1. Yes, I meant “LGBTQ” as it refers to abominable sin. Which is, in reality, what the letters stand for, from a Biblical standpoint. Though the Bible does label persons by their sin – “fornicators,” “homosexuals,” “thieves,” “liars,” etc.

        I would have to study to make sure, but I believe the following is accurate: The Bible identifies the unsaved by their sin. But the saved are not identified by their sin. For the unsaved, their sin is who they are – that’s how they often see it, and also how the Bible states it – they’re inseparable from their sin. For those washed clean by the blood of Jesus, sin is not who we are – our sins are forgiven and forgotten – we are new creatures, transformed by the renewing of our minds – separated from our sin as far as the east is from the west – that’s how we see it (because we know it’s true), how God sees it, and how the Bible states it. So it’s interesting that the Bible makes the same distinction.

        1. I have thought about this also as it relates to those who say “I’m [fill in the blank], but God saved me, so I’m no longer practicing”

          NO, when God saves you, you are separated from your sin, you are no longer identified by your sin, you are a new creature, as the Bible says, old things are passed away, behold all things become new. You are no longer what you were. You are no longer [fill in the blank].

          You know some of these groups pushing such messages are apostate, just from that messaging alone. Their message is a worldly message through a secular darwinist lense, not through a Biblical lense.

  7. When elected officials see it as more politically advantageous to stand against the church, and refer to well known Christian doctrine as “hate,” a dark cloud is rolling into America.

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