Mini-Documentary on Ed Litton’s Plagiarism Scandal Released

A Christian discernment website has released a new mini-documentary featuring Ed Litton and covering the subject of his plagiarism scandal, offering a primer for those unfamiliar with the details of the story, and also how bad it really is.

Produced by Jeff Maples and released by our sister site Reformation Charlotte, the mini-doc touches on the events leading up to the revelation of plagiarism contains several minutes showing the judicious use of uncredited and material, and then what the fallout has been. RC puts it this way as they explain their motivations and why they thought it so important to get it out there.

(This documentary) details the entire timeline, lies, cover-ups, and lack of action on behalf of the entire denomination. The refusal to hold Litton accountable for his sins is a flagrant slap in the face to the gospel–and this documentary proves beyond a shadow of any doubt that politics plays a supreme role over the gospel with these gutless leaders.”

The documentary is titled Counsel of the Wicked, a nod to Psalm 1:1.

3 thoughts on “Mini-Documentary on Ed Litton’s Plagiarism Scandal Released

  1. I have an old book on Revelations written by Lehman Strauss. In his comments on the church of Laodicea he states that there is little hope that a fallen away church will return to Christ. However the invitation is still given to the individual to repent and believe. The SBC, as well as Ed Litton, and J D Grear are deluded and fallen away. If they had the Holy Spirit, repentance should have been almost immediate. My advice is to run for your life from this organization and these people.

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