Joe Biden’s 2022 Budget Proposal Replaces ‘Mothers’ with ‘Birthing People’

In a move that will make the progressive “Christians” grin with glee, President Joe Biden has released his 2022 budget proposal, swapping out the term “mothers” from the language of the bill and replacing it with the phrase “birthing people.”

We wonder if this what those TGC authors figured would happen – the ones who insisted that the Democrats were a perfectly moral and normal choice to vote for, being paragons of virtue that would bring a sense of normalcy to the presidency and would definitely not advance the most radical, nonsensical schemes.

We can’t say we are too surprised, as it’s only a matter of time as this sort of language is imbued within every level of the government – a mephistophelean plot to destroy God’s design for sex and family.


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7 thoughts on “Joe Biden’s 2022 Budget Proposal Replaces ‘Mothers’ with ‘Birthing People’

  1. Keep in mind, folks, that the majority of women in the United States vote Democrat and probably the vast majority. What does that tell us? Was being offended by Donald Trump‘s tweets really that bad? What makes this worse is how many men in our country our feminized and thereby ruled by their emotions.

    When you factor this into all the discrimination when it comes to women sports and even how their bathrooms and locker rooms have been invaded by perverted men claiming to identify as women for nefarious purposes, you have to ask yourself what is running through their minds to support this insanity that will lead to their eventual destruction.

    1. Donald Trump created a poisonous “either/or” situation in American conservatism which prevented freedom to disagree in the Republican Party.

      I absolutely reject this repugnant description, “birthing people”, which forces women to pretend that they have no unique identity once they have given birth. It forces women to pretend that being female does not mean having the ability to reproduce, even though science has proven this in all forms of nature.

      However, I will not join any defence of Donald Trump. The way he behaved as President brought the entire office into disrepute, and his incitement of lawless violence on Capitol Hill this January will go down as one of the most shameful days in modern American history.

      People defended women against this erasure long before Trump, and they will continue defending it after he has gone. Being a conservative includes respecting freedom of speech, which means freedom to disagree with politicians. I thoroughly resent the idea that a conservative cannot see problems in Trump as well as condemning the Democratic Party.

  2. “Birthing people” is normal language in my evangelical church. Maybe you don’t got to a normal church. Maybe you go to a domestic terrorist church. We normals stand with 🇺🇸🇮🇱🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

    1. Out of interest, Johnny, why do you think the term “mother” is not acceptable? You will notice that the root word of “maternal”, also used in this documentary, refers exclusively to mothers.

    2. Only a collective of morally and intellectually retarded individuals would refer to women as “birthing people.”

  3. You will notice that this document refers to “maternal mortality”. Anyone who knows their Latin understands that anything “maternal” can only refer to mothers. (“Mater” means “mother” in Latin.) So the repugnant description “birthing people” (which sounds like a function, rather than respecting the identity of women) contradicts the heading of their own proposal. A denial of reality at its worst.

  4. DAB thank you for rejecting Drumpf. Will you please use this forum to condemn transphobia, domestic terrorism and white supremacy? Stand with 🇺🇸🇮🇱🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

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