Toucan Sam, Tony the Tiger, and The Rice Krispies Kids Get Transgendered

Starting mid-May and for the first time in conjunction with Pride month, Kellogg’s Together With Pride cereal will be available at select major retailers nationwide. The delicious new recipe features berry-flavored, rainbow hearts dusted with edible glitter.

With the slogan “Boxes are for cereal, not for people,” Kellog’s newest collaboration with the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLADD) brings all their cereal mascots into one place, featuring berry-flavored, rainbow hearts dusted with edible glitter for their “Together with Pride” cereal.

Whereas previously their special edition LGBTQQIP2SAA cereals were only available online, this one is coming to stores and will be featured prominently in the cereal aisle.

Of note is the side of the box, which prompts children to write in their own personal pronounces, along with he/him and they/ them, with the goal that kids will want to fill it in, and the parents will have to explain their gay propaganda talking points.

In a press release, Doug VanDeVelde, General Manager of Kellogg U. S. Cereal Category, explained they couldn’t be happier and more honored than to release this cereal, announcing that they will donate $3 to GLADD for every picture of the cereal’s boxtop uploaded to the socials.

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7 thoughts on “Toucan Sam, Tony the Tiger, and The Rice Krispies Kids Get Transgendered

  1. How ’bout a delicious bowl full of sweetened lies and mental illness this morning, kids!

  2. I believe we’ve reached the decadent end of the empire. The Barbarian tribes are coming soon and a new dark age will settle in.

  3. Just as Kellogs ‘cereal’ is not food, this new paradigm that they are espousing has no basis in reality.

  4. I stopped eating breakfast cereal years ago. I find this leap aboard the LGBTQ bandwagon to be disgusting as it indicates these business think that they only people that exist in the world are members of that community

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