Jim Bakker Claims His Spectacular Downfall and Jail Time was Due to ‘Cancel Culture’

Demonstrating that he is completely unrepentant of his past sins, snake oil salesman and supreme heresy platformer Jim Bakker is claiming that his spectacular downfall in the 1980s and subsequent prison sentence was simply a matter of a nascent “cancel culture.”

They canceled me. Mainly it was the media, and the media got a Pulitzer Prize for putting me in prison. That’s what they do, they reward the enemies of the gospel. And the cancel culture, we had the largest ministry of its type in the world, Heritage USA, millions of people came there and it was millions being saved around the world, and they literally took it away, put it into bankruptcy. Said they were going to care for it, it was all lies, it a takeover plan, and it was done in front of the world.

That was what cancel culture is…the federal government produced video from my show video and edited it and put me in prison…they made me say things I didn’t say. They just put pieces together – thousands of pieces of my show – the government did it! Just like now, this is cancel culture!

For context, Bakker was famously indicted in 1980 on federal charges of mail and wire fraud and conspiring to defraud the public after he sold $1,000 “lifetime memberships” to tens of thousands of people. This was supposed to let them spend three nights a year, every year, in a luxury hotel he was building, but his sales far outstripped his capacity and he pocketed tens of millions of dollars, never being able to fulfill his promise. He was convicted in 1989 and sentenced to 45 years in prison but was ultimately released after 5.

It was also revealed that he had an affair with his secretary (she said she was raped) and paid her over $350,000 to cover it up. He had several more allegations of sexual impropriety against him, all the while being revealed that he was living a life of incredible excess and wealth.

Cancel culture? Not a chance.

h/t to Right Wing Watch

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5 thoughts on “Jim Bakker Claims His Spectacular Downfall and Jail Time was Due to ‘Cancel Culture’

  1. This guy blames everyone but himself for his troubles. Hasn’t changed a bit since his time in the clink. BTW he was sprung WAY too early! Now he wants to construct a Hall of False Prophets on his compound in MO. And people still send him $$$. Is Jesus impressed? I think not.

  2. This guy’s the Ever Ready Bunny of opportunistic charlatans masquerading as Christian teachers. No matter how grievous his past and present sins, he continues to convince naive and undiscerning believers to send him money. Incredible.

    1. That’s just it: they’re probably not believers if they’re that easily deceived. To have no discernment makes being saved pretty useless, doesn’t it, because we are given some measure of the gifts?

      If we are grounded in the word, we shouldn’t be surprised that there will be a false teachers in these last of the last days. I think a lot of folks are so ignorant of scripture and have fallen prey to the easy believism “gospel” that I think that’s what makes up a lot of his suckers.

      Wish I knew where his headquarters was in Charlotte I probably drive by it all the time and don’t even know.

  3. Then he wrote a book, I was Wrong” So, now I guess he wasn’t wrong. Some things never change.

  4. I think what happens in cases like this and was so many of the other word – faith/prosperity “gospel“ preachers is that a lot of folks simply can’t believe that someone could be that evil to lie about something so dear to them. I had an aunt who just died in February it was like that haven’t given much money over the last part of her life to Joyce Meyer and especially Mike Murdoch. No matter how much I tried to gently cautioned her about that, It just was beyond her ability to conceive that there are many people who use the Christian religion to deceive them into becoming quite wealthy.

    I mean we even see guys like Art Azurdia who just had another article written about him at this website the other day concerning his horrible deceit and sins of a sexual nature. These charlatans were nowhere in his category when it comes to being a talented expositor of scripture. That makes it so difficult and then devastating for even someone like me when they fall and now sure that they’re really not repentant by getting back on the circuit like Azurdia is again.

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