John MacArthur’s Message Makes it to Hollywood

Pastor John MacArthur and his trusty sidekick Phil Johnson were discovered to have appeared in a Hollywood thriller, their distinctive voices talking about the authority of God and the perversions of mankind while one of the characters evades a feared stalker, in a recently unearthed clip.

Sweet Virginia, released in 2017 and starring Jon Bernthal, is about a retired rodeo rider who befriends a young man, not knowing he’s behind a string of violence occurring in their small town. The film is Rated R for “violence, some strong sexuality, language, and drug use” and has a 79% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The dynamic duo doesn’t appear in person, however, but rather their conversation appears on a radio program during a tense scene. One of the main characters is listening to Phil interviewing John on the radio, the two explaining that the major problem facing the nation is the lack of confidence in the word of God and the lack of submission to its authority.

The audio, we have discovered, was taken from a 2002 interview titled “Mission in a Dying Culture,” where we overhear:

Phil: You’re saying that you don’t believe the major problem, the major moral issue that confronts our country today, is not pornography, it’s not homosexuality, it’s not abortion, it’s not liberalized education, or any of these other things that we typically identify. The real, basic, moral problem in America is the lack of confidence in the Word of God.

JOHN: Well, yeah, that’s absolutely right. The lack of not only the confidence in the Word of God, but the lack of submission to it as the absolute authority.

You and I went to Italy one time. I walked in to Pompeii, which was preserved because of the volcano, Vesuvius, and I looked at the walls of the homes in Pompeii, and I saw the most gross, obscene, pornographic stuff painted in frescos in the first century in Italy that would rival anything pornographic today. The only difference was the medium was different, this is permanent fresco, today it’s in a magazine or on a piece of film or whatever that might be. I mean that is not new. That is not American.

One way or another, the wretchedness of the human heart, which is bent on sexuality, heterosexual sin and homosexual sin, that is nothing new at all. Go back to Genesis chapter 19 where you have a whole city given over to homosexuality, where they want to rape the angels that show up, they’re so base, Sodom and Gomorrah. That is not new, that isn’t inimitable to American culture. Even abortion – I mean you can go back in history, abortion has been done throughout all of history. That isn’t anything new, that isn’t anything inimitable to America, the death of little infants for whatever reasons.


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4 thoughts on “John MacArthur’s Message Makes it to Hollywood

  1. The rights to anyone’s recorded audio works can be purchased for use. This news story means literally nothing.

    1. You’ve misunderstood the point of the article. It is simply expressing excitement over the fact that MacArthur’s radio program happened to be included in a particular movie scene.

  2. This article is categorised under ‘Cursed Headlines’. What is the message?

    “trusty sidekick”
    “dynamic duo”

    Is Protestia joining forces with The Roys Report?

    Sounds like JMGCC bashing Season 2 Episode 3 is on its way. Stay tuned.

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