Texas Gov. Greg Abbot Signs Fetal Heartbeat Bill. Now Come the Lawsuits

Texas Governor Greg Abbot has signed a fetal heartbeat bill into law, making it illegal to have an abortion once the heartbeat can be detected, which can happen as early as 6 weeks.

The law, which goes into effect September 1, makes it illegal for any physician to abort a baby if he or she can detect a heartbeat, as well as bars them from engaging in their murderous practices if they haven’t performed an ultrasound first to detect that heartbeat. Any abortion provider not following these practices can be sued and subject to civil action by any interested party (The girl, her boyfriend, her husband, a friend, etc.), to be awared no less than $10,000 and all attorney fees.

Planned Parenthood President Alexis McGill Johnson, who is the leader of the “apex predator” of the baby-killing world, called Senate Bill 8 “cruel and extreme” and vowed “fight back like hell” in order to get it shuttered, such as has been done with every other heartbeat bill that has ever been introduced.

While progressives and pro-abortionists are freaking out, and pro-life organizations like National Right to Life are celebrating, not all abortion dissidents are pleased.

This “half-measure” and “unrighteous decree” is a far cry from Governor Abbot’s 2018 promise to Jeremiah Thomas – the late son of Operation Save America National Director Rusty Thomas – in which he gave his word to the dying 16-year-old boy that he would abolish abortion completely in Texas, a promise he has yet to fulfill and shows so far no interest in doing.

Similarly, Indiana State Representative John Jacob, one of the first true abolitionist candidates that got on the ballot and won, explained in brief why people should not be celebrating or encouraging this sort of legislation:

The first heartbeat bill was passed in 2019 in Ohio. The bill was immediately blocked by the Courts and not one child has been saved after a detectable heartbeat was found. The same has happened in just about every other state to pass such legislation around the Country since 2019. These Heartbeat bills have not saved ONE child.

The ultimate ‘game plan’ is for one of these Heartbeat bills to make it to the Supreme Court, with hopes the Supreme Court will overturn Roe. I don’t see this happening, as the only type of legislative bill to overturn Roe, would be one that abolishes all abortion, not regulates it.

Why I believe Heartbeat bills are bad:

1. Abortion is murder. States should not regulate murder. Heartbeat bills are the regulating of murder.

2. Preborn babies are American citizens and deserve equal rights and protections. Heartbeat bills do not provide equal or Constitutional rights. Thus, Heartbeat bills are unconstitutional.

3. Pro-life abortion regulation laws actually strengthen Roe v. Wade. EVERY pro-life law that has been passed in the last 48 years, at the state level, has said to both the Supreme Court and the society at large that children in the womb do not have constitutional rights and protections, since their killing can be regulated.

Never in the history of the pro-life movement has a law been passed that has affirmed the humanity of the preborn, and has called for their complete protection. Not one! In light of all of this, pro-life regulatory laws have BACKFIRED and instead of ‘chipping away at Roe,’ these laws have actually STRENGTHENED Roe.

This is why the strategy to ‘regulate abortion’ is wrong and must be repented of and replaced with working to abolish abortion! We must pass laws at the State and Federal level calling for the protection of all preborn babies with no exceptions.


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