Roman Catholic Bishops Galore Sign on to Pro-LGBT Statement!

In case you need more evidence of the deep schisms facing the Roman Catholic Church who says they are “united,” but have deeper divisions than the so-called “45,000 Protestant denominations” they love to criticize, look no further than what is happening with the American Church and the issue of homosexuality.

Though the Catechism of the Catholic Church officially condemns it, Pope Francis has endorsed same-sex civil unions and the majority of Catholics in the United States support same-sex marriage and believe the church is wrong on the issue – which makes you wonder what’s the point of touting one’s unity contra those pesky protestants if it only exists on paper.

This is precisely why one Cardinal, one Archbishop, 12 other US Catholics Bishops, and 150 schools, religious orders, parishes, and Catholic organizations have come out as pro-LGBT, and the number is only growing.

These men and institutions signed their name to a statement created by the sodomite advocacy group “The Tyler Clementi Foundation,” in support of teens who identify as homosexuals and transgender.

While the statement is designed to be against bullying and harassing these LGBTQ individuals, it’s a trojan horse designed to offer a wink and a nod to the upcoming reckoning, to lend their voice to the pro-LGBTQ cause without expressly and unambiguously saying it, assuring them that God created them with their sexual attractions and proclivities and that they should embrace it while noting, “Most of all, know that God created you, God loves you, and God is on your side.”

If things continue trending in this direction, with the cowardly Catholic Church continuing to let it slide, within a decade it will be hundreds of bishops and thousands of organizations signing on, and they will not have a leg to stand on.

The Roman Catholic Church is one of the most liberal denominations in Christendom, quickly becoming on par with the ELCA or Episcopalians. This is simply more evidence of the same.


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5 thoughts on “Roman Catholic Bishops Galore Sign on to Pro-LGBT Statement!

  1. Sure, ignore that pesky Scripture! Embrace mental illness if it makes you feel better 🙂

  2. Per an article entitled “Catholic schools celebrate gay pride” on ChurchMilitant dot com, “an Ontario (Canada) Catholic school board will be *requiring* its districts to fly gay pride flags during the month of June.” Requiring. Not suggesting. Not permitting. But requiring that the gay pride flags be flown at Catholic high schools in Ontario in June.
    Conservative Catholics are angry and horrified over the direction of some of their bishops. You may well be correct that schism is not far off. Satan has split every group that claims the name of Jesus Christ; he would certainly be reeling in a big fish if he can change the doctrine of sin in the RCC. Heads up evangelicals!

  3. The Whore of Babylon rides atop the scarlet-coloured beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit, a beast that was, is not and yet is (having recovered from its Cold War “defeat”), the same Marxist monstrosity that pushes the LGBT abomination today, so yes, it is to be expected that Popery would be throwing its lot in with the entire neo-Marxist spirit.

    On the plus side, the western nations who give their power and strength to that red monstrosity in lockstep will one day utterly destroy Popery.

  4. Not even remotely a shock from a ‘church’ whose ‘priests’ have molested untold thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, of young altar boys.

  5. One way the pro-LGBT statement errs is in claiming that God created humans with homosexual attractions. God created Adam and Eve as sinless people with no such attractions. Homosexual lust, like all sins, entered humanity because of their original sin and their transport from Eden into the fallen world in which we now live. This world and our adversaries, Satan and the fallen angels, present humans with countless temptations and opportunities to sin. The pro-LGBT statement essentially blames God for the fallen nature of man, and this is a falsehood.

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