Even the Catfood is Gay Now

Lest you think you can go anywhere without some megacorporation virtue- twerking about how woke and progressive they are, and that perhaps a pet-food store might be a safe space to get some respite from that all that shameless LGBTQQIP2SAA messaging- you thought wrong.

DREAMIES is the latest company to jump the shark, explaining in their promo material that they want to “help raise awareness and proudly show our support to LGBT+ communities, helping to create an environment of inclusion for all.”

In exchange for buying that salmon and tuna mix, they will make an unspecified donation to the LGBT Foundation, all the while trying to convince you to buy food for your pets based on not which one is healthiest with the best nutrition, but rather how many PRIDE rainbows they can fit on the packaging.

We’re amazed they didn’t announce theeir plan to donate the proceeds to all the gay dogs and cats out there. Or better yet, raising funds to study the science of what it would take to make a male cat give birth to a litter of kittens- apart from just declaring that Tomcat is a female, which is their first inclination anyway.

We can’t believe they missed that oppertunity.

The marketing team really dropped the ball on that one.

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