Lutheran Denomination Becomes First to Elect Transgendered Bishop

In continued acts of demonic rebellion, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) has elected their first transgendered bishop to lead the mainline protestant denomination, continuing to demonstrate they have no fear of God and no sense of the Lord’s impending wrath towards them.

On Saturday, California’s Sierra Pacific Synod elected Rev. Megan Rohrer to rule over them as Bishop. This woman, who refuses to use female pronouns and instead insists on identifying as “they/them” and even the occasional “he,” was one of the first LGBTQ “pastors” to become reinstated into the ELCA after they voted in 2010 to allow clergy in “committed relationships” to lead churches.

She has written a few queer books, is married to a woman, and has a few kids.

Prior to this, the denomination’s official position was gay and lesbian pastors could serve in the pastorate but had to take vows of celibacy.

Meghan quickly rose through the queer ranks, becoming Pastor of a church in San Franciso in 2014, becoming a chaplain to the San Franciso Police department in 2017, and now elected Bishop of a damned denomination, populated by a vast herd of goats and a few clusters of remnant sheep.


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10 thoughts on “Lutheran Denomination Becomes First to Elect Transgendered Bishop

    1. Yes indeed, Christian clergy are not supposed to cut their own junk off. You’d think we wouldn’t be relitigating that fairly obvious statement seventeen centuries later, but here we are.

      “If any one in sickness has been subjected by physicians to a surgical operation, or if he has been castrated by barbarians, let him remain among the clergy; but, if any one in sound health has castrated himself, it behoves that such an one, if [already] enrolled among the clergy, should cease [from his ministry], and that from henceforth no such person should be promoted. But, as it is evident that this is said of those who wilfully do the thing and presume to castrate themselves, so if any have been made eunuchs by barbarians, or by their masters, and should otherwise be found worthy, such men the Canon admits to the clergy.”

  1. Sweet Lord Jesus – please come get us soon. I don’t think that the world can get much more crazy than it already is!

    Stop the planet; I want off!

  2. Talk about reprobate, this is commission, encouragement, support, affirmation, and celebration of several dozen abominable sins on top of abominable sins. From the abomination of homosexuality, to dressing in the opposite gender’s clothing, to an extremely wicked forms of bearing false witness, to encouraging indoctrination, abuse, and mutilation of children, causing little one’s to stumble, and many more. This apostate, and those who voted for her, might as well just join the church of Satan. There is no difference.

  3. Well, to be fair, it is ELCA. They aren’t really Lutheran lol. They are kind of like the Episcopalians not being Anglican, or the Presby USA not being Presby America. It is the most worldly synod. We know that no true Christians who have matured past their biblical ignorance would affirm this sin. There are lots of theologically conservative Lutherans out there who are disgusted by the ELCA. I myself am a Reformed Baptist.

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