‘I Almost Broke my Shoulder’: Arrested Candian Pastor Describes Miserable Jail Conditions

In a jailhouse interview with Rebel News reporter Adam Soos, a Canadian Pastor arrested for the crime of having church services over the 15-person capacity says that he has been subjected to poor conditions while in jail, alleging that he is being thrown around, deprived of sleep and has been refused a lawyer during his stay there [Update: he has since been able to get a hold of legal counsel.]

Pastor Artur Pawlowski, who was taken down and arrested in a dramatic raid after leaving his church, explains:

Here’s what happened after the video. I was thrown like a piece of meat behind the police vehicles, and I had to go for about an hour, hour and a half (in the) back of police car laying down on my handcuffs (unintelligible) and I almost broke my shoulder.

So that was until we got to (unintelligible) then of course, the processing unit. I was with my brother, we were taken to two different separate (house?)…

They’re not allowing us to sleep, so for 24 hours I can’t sleep. The lights are so bright it’s absolutely crazy, even though other inmates for example across from my cell they turned the lights off and he could go to sleep. I don’t have that same courtesy.

We do not have blankets, we do not have pillows, nothing. We had to spend the whole day yesterday and the whole night and half a day right now on concrete, on cold concrete.

So that’s the situation here. I was never contacted by a lawyer. It’s shocking at the treatment. I’m being viewed here as a monkey in the circus. From time to time police will come and just look through the window oh, you know, like a trophy.

But I’m in a good spirit. I’m not going to quit. It will not silence me. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing because if I don’t have freedom, then I have nothing else. If we don’t have the freedom to worship our God, then what else do we have?

Pawlowski and Soos talk a bit more about his predicament, talking about the state of his cell and the fact that he’s going to file a lawsuit against those who locked him down. He calls Alberta Premier Jason Kenny “evil” and laments that he’s become a political prisoner on account of his stand. He speaks of the need for Canadians to rise up and oust these traitorous politicians, noting that on account of everything they have 11 candidates in their own church and they hope they get elected so they can clean up the corruption that would put him in prison in the first place.

If you don’t have the freedom of religion, all the other rights are disappearing as well. We have to stand up and Christians-rise up stand up right now.

I mean, if not now, then when?

As for his final words?

I want to tell you Jesus wins in the end, and when we stand with him, that’s where I draw my hope. My hope is in Christ. He redeemed me. He saved me. He changed the corrupted man into the man I am today and I give him all the glory. And if you are depressed or suicidal or in a tough situation remember that God has your back and we know how the story ends. Truth wins in the end.


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3 thoughts on “‘I Almost Broke my Shoulder’: Arrested Candian Pastor Describes Miserable Jail Conditions

  1. Don’t worry guys, this isn’t actually persecution. Paul Carter at TGC Canada said it isn’t so therefore it isn’t. I hope Paul Carter eats his words, what a shill.

  2. What a bunch of satanic thugs !… Pray for your Brothers and Sisters who are being persecuted right now, especially Artur, because it will not be long before it is your turn. Canada is run by the “synagogue” of satan, and all its long ago “manufactured” satanic hubs, like freemasonry, political correctness, feminism(woman worship), multiculturalism(refugee invasion) etc, etc, etc are now producing its demonic fruit. Rebuke the wicked in JESUS mighty name !

  3. Seems my comment was deleted. This man should not have been vilifying these police officers, who were only following orders. They don’t set policy. We are called to respect the governing authorities, both the good and the unreasonable. Had he rendered the proper respect, perhaps these officers would have felt the sting of guilt for enforcing laws established by policymakers, but to verbally attack them and call them Nazis? That would incline them toward bitterness.

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