Breaking! Jailed Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski Released from Prison (Updated)

Update #2. Artur and his brother have both been freed and are officially out.

Update #1 The director of the Calgary Remand center is refusing to release the Pawlowski’s from prison, demanding that Judge Adam Germain, the one who issued the order to be released, issue individual release orders for both brothers. Furthermore, according to Rebel News’ Ezra Levant, the guards, under the orders of the director, are refusing to let brother David go because they are insisting that the release orders spelled his name wrong. His name is Dawid Pawlowski’s- he is Polish and that is the correct spelling- but they insist it must be spelled “David” before he can be released

The Canadian pastor who was thrown in jail for the crime of having an illegal church service has been ordered to be released in mere hours, according to his lawyers who are handling the case.

Artur Pawloski and his brother Dawid were arrested in the middle of the street on Saturday in a dramatic takedown, surrounded by a dozen officers, shortly after having a church service. They were charged with “organizing an illegal in-person gathering” a well as “requesting, inciting or inviting others” to join them. Ie, having church and inviting others to come to church.

After spending over 48 hours in custody at the Calgary Remand Center, in which Artur claims he was subject to inhumane conditions, he will be released on bail today, on conditions that he comply with restrictions limiting church attendance to 15 people inside or 5 people if the service is held outside. According to Sarah Miller who is Pawlowksi Lawyer:

There’s the issue of whether the immediate arrest on Saturday is proper, legal. Those things will be addressed next Thursday, we have a hearing for the contempt application that AHS is bringing, but as far as the process of someones whos been detained, it’s a very irregular process, simply because it’s not usually utilized. Criminal procedures arrest regularily, there’s processes for that. Civil procedure usually does not, so this has been an unusual 48 hours.

Following his release, there will be a hearing on May 20 to determine if the Pawlowski’s will be found in contempt for disobeying the Judges orders.

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