Instagram Account Catalogs Pastors Wearing Luxury Watches, up to $400,000

As a complement to our piece Scandal to End All Scandals: John MacArthur Owns a Nice Watch, we wanted to draw our readers’ attention to the Instagram Account Prophetsnwatches, which catalogs Pastors wearing both high-end luxury timepieces whose price is only “available upon request , all the way to 10$ Timex specials.

The website is essentially identical to Preachersnsneakers, except whereas the excesses on that one top out at around $3600, the accessories shown here are far more expensive.

It covers most of the players we routinely cover here Protestia, such as TD Jakes, Steven Furtick, Brian Houston, John Gray, Lecrae, Ed Young Jr, Judah Smith, Creflo Dollar, and others, all sporting stunning wrist candy. It also demonstrates some contrast, such as showing the new pastor of Hillsong N Chrishan Jeyaratnam wearing an $89 Casio, and then contrasted with the disgraced pastor he took over for, Carl Lentz, who is rocking a $38,000 Rolex

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8 thoughts on “Instagram Account Catalogs Pastors Wearing Luxury Watches, up to $400,000

  1. while we are not to love the things of this world, that does not mean there are no legitimate reasons why pastors have expensive items. I would like to see pastors err on the sid eof caution and refrain from the appearance of evil

  2. theologyarcheology,

    O.K. please give me ONE reason these apostates need a watch that costs more than some people make in a year, or decade for crying out loud? And I suppose you wonder why the world thinks all Christians are hypocrites. Disgusting.

  3. Any man, pastor or not, who drops the price of a car, let alone a house, on a wristwatch is a vain and foolish man. Now, if that IS your pastor, do you really want to take his advice on ANYTHING concerning your eternal soul ?

  4. My father always said, “don’t believe all you ‘hear’ and only half of what you ‘see’.” If these phots are “real” then there is much to be concerned about. However, they seem staged to me. I’d like to see live shots of them in there “element” (pulpits) sporting these time pieces. Then I’ll have a different opinion. Even if they are “gifts” we, as pastors, need to avoid such opulence and be certain we are putting that kind of money toward Kingdom work and preaching the gospel.

      1. I also pull them from their own posts or YouTube videos. Just in case there’s any question on which watch it is.

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