Jewish Rabbi Outed as Secret Christian Missionary

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(Times of Israel) An ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Jerusalem’s French Hill neighborhood was in shock on Sunday after a prominent member of the community was reportedly outed as an undercover Christian missionary.

Beyneynu, a nonprofit organization that monitors missionary activity in Israel, said Sunday that it had been “investigating the case of a covert missionary in French Hill for many years,” but had acted to expose him now “due to one of the missionary’s children proselytizing in school.”

Hebrew media said the man, who was not identified publicly, had posed as a rabbi and a kohen (priest) and worked as a scribe and a mohel, conducting ritual circumcisions.

However, it was discovered that the family was actually not Jewish, but from a Christian family from New Jersey in the US, and had reportedly forged documents to show they were Jewish in order to emigrate to Israel under the Law of Return.

“We are confident that the Jewish leaders will act strongly against this threat, and quickly put protective measures in place to protect the Jewish community…

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Editor’s Note. This article was written by TOI staff and published at Times of Israel.

6 thoughts on “Jewish Rabbi Outed as Secret Christian Missionary

  1. keep in mind when you hear evangelicals saying “we must support israel”….1) preaching the gospel and holding crusades are illegal in israel. . 2) in israel the government pays for abortions making the israeli government far more pro abortion than the most liberal democrat in america, 3) the largest gay pride parade in the world is held every year in tel aviv. , 4) after 74 years of being a state 99.33% of Jews in israel reject the Lord Jesus Christ. WHY should any christian support this state that rejects the Gospel, persecutes christians and murders babies?? dont tell me I cant vote democrat but I MUST support israel.

    1. God uses the analogy of a tree for his saints with Abraham as the root of the tree. John the Baptist warned Israel of Jesus’ day that “the axe is laid at the root of the tree” and Paul explains that Israel has been cut off and the Gentiles have been grafted into that root. However, in the same way that God was able to cut off the physical descendants of Abraham from the tree of faith, He will graft the physical descendants of Abraham back into the same tree He cut them off of. The Bible speaks only of 2 categories; Christians and non-Christians, the saved and un-saved, the elect and reprobate. Being a Jew isn’t some 3rd category of salvation.

      What I don’t understand is evangelical Christianity’s enchantment with the modern state of Israel. To me it’s an irrational backlash against replacement theology and a result of eisegesis stemming from the fact that Israel (with considerable help from europe and the United States) exists as a nation and is back in the promised land. I think our current generation struggles (like every generation of Christians) that we must be the last generation of Christians before Christ returns and interprets the modern State of Israel as evidence that we are most definitely in the end times. Christians take something that makes sense but is not explicitly said, and project it onto the Bible to consecrate the modern state of Israel as being restored by God.

  2. This is pure Evil.

    Jews go to heaven automatically. They are God’s Chosen. Jews do NOT need to hear the Gospel, and any “Christian” who says otherwise is a nazi.

    I stand 100% with 🇮🇱

    1. Well i guess according to you “Jim” i am a nazi. Who told you those lies about “Jews” anyways ?????.. I think you are deceived big time !

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