Matt Chandler Compares BLM Leaders to Prophets- Says Not Participating in BLM Marches is ‘Giving up our Inheritance’

Matt Chandler, the woke charismatic Pastor of the Village Church, head of Acts 29 network, and prolific conference speaker who never met an invitation to speak he could turn down, no matter what scoundrels and theological riffraff he was speaking alongside with, continues to openly promote deonic organizations like Black LIves Matter and sex-perverts like Martin Luther King Jr, explaining that by being critical of BLM protests and marches and refusing to participate, Christians are giving up their “inheritance.”

“If you’ll study the civil rights movement in the 60’s, there’s a pattern that emerges there. So the predominant leader there is Martin Luther King, Jr., which we really like right now because he’s dead. I have to believe that a Martin Luther King, Jr. right now, he’d be a liberal Marxist socialist that everybody despises. We’ll quote him now because he’s not here to offend us in the now.”

This is what Jesus means when he says ‘you love the prophets that are no longer with us but you don’t love the prophets that are with us today’.

Chandler explains that the civil rights movement was born out of the church, who led the movement, but they have abdicated that role today due to their refusal to participate in social justice marches as defined by BLM.

The church, by and large, has refused to participate (In BLM Marches and activities) which means we have turned over- God help us- we have turned over what is our inheritance to dark ideologies. Like when you say ‘hey we’re not going to get involved (in BLM marches) let’s just preach the gospel to that’, which by the way I find so hypocritical.

You don’t just preach the gospel to sex trafficking. You don’t just preach the gospel on the issue of life and abortion. No, you act! And so it’s like this brain-broke disjoint that’s got us acting absurd, and then critiquing this movement as being evil and dark when we have given up our inheritance.

You cannot point out all the flaws in this current movement while you have abandoned the place we were meant to play. You cannot point out all the ‘well this means this and this believes this and that’s this and that’s this’ and ignore the sorrow and lament of 12 to 13 million image-bearers in our country, you can’t do that. We mourn with those who mourn.

That Martin Luther King Jr. was a Christ-denying, serial adulterer and sexual pervert is irrelevant in Chandler’s eyes. In fact, it sounds about right for setting the bar low for who can be considered a prophet in charismatic circles. MLK was one prophet BLM leaders are others, though something tells us they wouldn’t pass the biblical tests.


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8 thoughts on “Matt Chandler Compares BLM Leaders to Prophets- Says Not Participating in BLM Marches is ‘Giving up our Inheritance’

  1. This is somewhat less than surprising, I think Chandler kind of stumbled into being a popular preacher because he was someone who gave off a non-threatening vibe that emergent church people liked and talked about God’s glory just enough to gain entrance into “reformed” circles filled with people who wanted “solid bible teaching” without really knowing what that means. When YR&R was happening, he parroted that and now that wokeness is happening, he’s parroting that.

    It’s too bad this spiritual chameleon is so influential among Christians.

  2. How can a man like Chandler have so little discernment? Is he an anti-racist now? It’s not enough that we simply are not racist, now the church must actively call out racism when it sees it (apparent or not)? We have to go around looking for racism in ever corner of our society. We have to look at our pews and make sure the percentages are right? The preaching from the pulpit is racist if we don’t meet our diversity quota? This is foolishness. Its not biblical, its not even Christian, its Marxism that is infiltrating our churches. We are to love people from every tribe every tongue and every nation. Racism has no place in the church, but neither does Marxism and “critical theory”. The Bible is the Word of God and there is enough in there to help with our blind spots. Is the Word not enough Matt? Do you need the wisdom of our day to train you in your error? Slippery slopes never look as steep as they are.

  3. Is Chandler the only person in America that does not know that many believed that the Civil Rights Icon was communist? I realized there was no discernment coming from this man many years ago. Way back when Chandler was a staunch complementarían, a lady who was a missionary discovered her husband was into porno and was counting on the church to support her. Instead, she found that the church elders were backing her husband and shunning her. It took a LOT, for Chandler to listen to her case. Of course this was way back, before the great reset, MLK50! Now the derelict husband would not only be thrown out, but also called a racist for good measure. It will be interesting to see how his church members respond.

  4. Well said. Not only was MLK a philanderer, plagiarist, and socialist (quasi-communist), he was also deeply in bed with powerful Jews like Stanley Levison (who was the treasurer for the “American” Jewish Congress).

  5. Your article is misleading. Chandler does not compare BLM leaders to prophets, nor does he say that the church has refused to participate in BLM riots. His point is that the civil rights movement of the 60’s was born out of churches, and that we love MLK Jr. today because he is dead and we can all use him to promote our own agendas, whether evil or good. His point is that today churches are not leading the charge in social justice and have given “the marches” over to evil ideologies (BLM etc.). His point is that churches should be fighting the fight INSTEAD of BLM. His point is that rather than fighting things like sex trafficking and social injustice, we have given that role to “demonic and evil ideologies”. I do not agree AT ALL with Mr. Chandler’s position. He contradicts himself by saying that “you don’t preach the gospel to sex trafficking” and then asserting that we are supposed to bum rush evil ideologies with… … … the gospel. Hmmm.

    However, this article reflects a poor ability to clearly articulate and report on things. Please be more careful and discerning next time before posting. Thank you.

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