Ravi Zacharias Molested Both Mother and Daughter, Says Newly Revealed Co-Owner of Spa

The co-owner of Ravi Zacharias’ infamous Touch of Eden spa has broken her silence and publicly revealed details of her experiences with the late disgraced apologist, alleging that he molesteded her, her daughter, and a dozen of employees. This woman was one of the victims who served as an anonymous source for Christianity Today after they broke the story wide open, about three weeks after we reported it.

In details revealed exclusively to the Roys Report* Vickie Blue, who co-owned the spa with fellow business partner Anurag Sharma from 2004-2007, explains how Zacharias exploited her spiritually in order to violate her physically. She says that she has stayed silent for over a decade because Zacharias threatened to ruin her if she told anyone, explaining:

Ravi kept talking about an anonymous donor that he could get limitless money from. He said, ‘I can keep it going and make your life miserable until you die.’

After Ravi died she discovered Raviwatch.org and contacted Steve Baughman in May 2020, sending him a letter accusing the apologist of being a sexual pervert and explaining her role in the spa. This was the beginning of the end.

Blue explains that Ravi used to come to her for massages at a spa she owned back in 2000. They struck up a friendship and he spiritually counseled her through some trauma and child abuse. He became a mentor to her and she came to view him as “the closest person to God other than Jesus.” He in turn confided to her that his marriage was in shambles and was “all business,” being desperately unhappy.

He quickly began taking liberties with her, asking for sex and wanting a “happy ending,” declaring “it’s my reward. It’s part of my therapy, my relaxation.” She refused, and he still masturbated in front of her anyway, repeating this pattern between 50 and 100 times over the course of years, delighting in his deviltry and sexual perversions. [Editor’s note: Ravi was engaged in this for literally decades.]

Still, she excused his actions, justifying it and rationalizing it by surmising that he must be doing it because he was in love with her. She soon became his business partner when he proposed the joint venture with her, co-owning Touch of Eden with him for three years. Ultimately the business failed miserably and left her destitute.

In 2007, Blue’s daughter Becca, a massage therapist working at the spa, revealed that Ravi had molested her, along with several others. Hearing this, Blue sought to extricate herself from the business and the mountain of debt she was in, even as Ravi and Anurag sought to convert it into a spa specializing in Ayurveda, which has Hindu roots and influences.

To me, [Touch of Eden] was a Christian place, I told them, ‘No, that’s with all the chakras and Hindu religion. I can’t do that here…Absolutely not.’

They went through with it anyway, as we have documented here. Julie Roys explains that Ravi came so close to being exposed back in 2008.

About a year later, Blue said one of the former aestheticians at Touch of Eden approached her about suing Zacharias. Blue said she told the aesthetician that she would testify on the aesthetician’s behalf but was afraid to sue Zacharias because of the threats he had made to destroy her. Blue said the aesthetician never filed a lawsuit.

In 2011 Blue’s daughter Becca died. Shortly after Ravi contacted her asking for a massage in his home. She agreed, wanting to talk about her daughter with anyone as she was lost in her grief. Ravi used this opportunity to try to sexually molest her once more. She confronted him, he got angry, and that’s the last contact she had until she learned of his death and contacted Baughman with her story.

Blue said she believes that what has been kept in the dark has now come to light, noting “God is cleaning up this entire mess.”

[Editor’s note: We are on record that Roys can be great when she wants to be and isn’t grinding her ax to use against John MacArthur, the result of a seemingly personal vendetta. That’s when her journalism gets really shoddy. But for stories like this or James MacDonald, she has been on point and has done very good work.]

[Editor’s note 2: The Ravi Zacharias scandal shows Why Our Reputation is in the Toilet.]


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7 thoughts on “Ravi Zacharias Molested Both Mother and Daughter, Says Newly Revealed Co-Owner of Spa

  1. So this long ago all this happened – we are to just believe what those who said nothing then, say now, when the one accused is not here to answer the charges, nor to face the consequences if he did these heinous things he is accused of?

  2. I do not believe a word of her story and why would she go to an atheist to make her ‘story’ known?

  3. A Christian apologist owning a massage parlor is about as kosher as a Rabbi taking up hog farming. So this story already starts in a very bad place.

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