Video Montage of Critical Race Theory at SEBTS + A Student’s Perspective

A montage has been released showing a cacophony of Critical Race Theory comments and a rapacious progressivism proceeding from the mouth of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) professors, showing again why the weaker brother of the Southern Baptist Six is a seminary sliding into apostasy, led by President Danny Akin. Montage starts at the 15th-ish minute mark.

Preceding the video comes testimony from Scott Crawford, an alumni who created the video and shared his experience studying and working at SEBTS, explaining that his Alma Mater is quickly becoming woker than Ibram X. Kendi’s Red Bull (our words, not his).

In his portion of it, he details the pushback he received over being critical of CRT and its affirming Resolution Nine, about being chastised for sharing content from Tom Buck and Founders, and sharing anything critical of the seminary or suggesting they are theologically tweaking. (Again, our word.)

In particular, he was given grief after reposting a Founders article critical of SEBTS hiring Karen Swallow Prior, being contacted by Ryan Hutchinson (Executive VP for Operations) telling him he couldn’t post it and prompting him to delete it. Hutchinson castigated him for daring to suggest KSP was anything other than a paragon of biblical faithfulness. Crawford mentioned that she endorsed and supported the gayarific Revoice Conference as proof of her questionable conservative creds and never walked it back, to which he was told that she doesn’t have to make a public statement rescinding her endorsement, as “she told us.”

The rest of his commentary details how SEBTS has developed a reputation as the woke red-headed stepchild of the South Baptist Convention Seminaries, no thanks to Walter Strickland, and a cesspool teeming with bad beliefs that are being buoyed by good professors who choose to do nothing, or sketchy ones who help it along.

SEBTS is where discernment goes to die and where crafty doctrines are given a scrumptious soil to grow and spread and deepen.

2 thoughts on “Video Montage of Critical Race Theory at SEBTS + A Student’s Perspective

  1. Well that was a lot of schlock. So much you could say about all these teachers but just for example take Mr Carroll at 21:30 comparing Daniel to an immigrant. Daniel wasn’t an immigrant, he was a prisoner of war. Daniel was captured and dragged in chains to Babylon. Immigrants pay people to bring them here for the for the express purpose of leaving their culture for America’s. I hope the kids are smarter than their professors.

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