Radical Feminists Shout Demonic Pro-Abortion Chant Outside Church

People attend the anti-government, pro-abortion demonstration in front of parliament, on April 9, 2016 in Warsaw. / AFP / AFP PHOTO / WOJTEK RADWANSKI (Photo credit should read WOJTEK RADWANSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

A group of radical feminists unmasked themselves for the diabolical organization they are, gathering outside of St. Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney, Australia, and engaging in a horrific death chant.

The University of Sydney’s Women’s Collective, also known as WOCO, organized the protest outside the church to counterprotest “Day of the Unborn Child” – an annual pro-life event that also fell on World Down Syndrome Day, which celebrates the lives of children with Down Syndrome. In Australia, around 93 percent of babies with down syndrome are aborted, according to a recent study.

The WOCO bills itself as “a feminist collective of students dedicated to anti-colonial, anti-capitalist, and intersectional feminism.” They say they are a “horizontal autonomous organizing space for radically left-wing feminist activism” who is “one of the most radical and active campus feminist collectives in the country” and are an “unapologetically abolitionist and anti-capitalist collective that fights for true liberation from police, prisons, and capitalist exploitation” because “it is at these intersections where the worst patriarchal violence resides.”

It shows. During the rally they shouted at the church:

“We will fight, we will win. Put the fetus in the bin.”


F*** the church, f*** the state, we will decide our fate.”

There was one lone pro-life advocate on the other side of the street. While the event was taking place, pro-choice activist Erin O’Leary pointed to her and told a local paper that what she was standing for was hateful.

As a queer First Nations woman, I have been oppressed with this religion, my ancestors have been oppressed with this religion…This is hate, this is just plain hate. I don’t understand why we put a book written two thousand years ago over the life of a woman, over the life of a human being. You care so much about something that isn’t even alive…but you will say to a woman’s face that [you don’t care about her life].


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7 thoughts on “Radical Feminists Shout Demonic Pro-Abortion Chant Outside Church

  1. There is no “radical” feminism, there is just feminism that’s taken to it’s logical conclusion. All feminism is of the same essence but when people place modifiers like “radical” or “third wave” in front of the particular manifestation of feminism they’re criticizing, they are simultaneously implying other forms of feminism are ok because they’re not radical. Feminism has always been a female superiority movement and it’s been the feminists intention from the very beginning to usurp the natural order established by God.

    Widespread abortion like we have in the west is the natural result of making concessions to feminism instead of squashing it. For a woman, the greatest expression of reproductive control is to kill her baby that is growing inside of her who is also the child of the man that impregnated her.

  2. Reading the article about these rants from young harridans made me think about what The Old Trailblazer, Albert Pendarvis, used to say on his radio program about such “people” and that is “they’ll make good match sticks in hell.”

    I think that’s what he used to say. I should’ve asked him when I met him while visiting his Baptist church in New Orleans back in October 2004 before it got destroyed by Hurricane Katrina 10 months later.

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