Charismatic Prophet Says He’s Michael Jackson’s Lawyer in Heaven, Where the ‘King of Pop’ Dances for Jesus Despite Witch and Warlock Plot

In a tale as old as time, a charismatic prophet claims that God took him to heaven, where he took on the assignment of interceding for Michael Jackson who became saved before he died and now dances and sings for Jesus in heaven, despite a plot by a coven of witches and warlocks to make YouTube video’s saying he was in hell.

Naturally, these comments were made to Steven Shultz of Elijah List Ministries, who’s taking a break from interviewing Kat Kerr and found himself out of the frying pan and into the fire. If he thought Kerr was as crazy as a rat in a coffee can (and he doesn’t. He eats it up all day long) then Manuel Johnson of Mega Praise Ministries carried on that tradition and doubled down on her deception. After insisting that Trump would have a second term, based on a prophecy he was given, the prophet explains:

Like I said, God has given me an assignment as an attorney. And as He took me [to Heaven], He says, “Take your position.” And there was an office in Heaven with my name on it, as an attorney, to intercede for very well-known people… on the Earth before they died, because something was going to happen and they were going to be weighed out in the balance. And I needed to intercede…

I’m gonna tell you something: Michael Jackson went to Heaven. Before he died, God had visited him. [Shultz: “Really?”] There were prayers that went up for him. There were prayers that went up for him, that people would intercede. And Michael Jackson accepted the Lord Jesus as his savior… The enemy wanted him. Oh boy, the enemy wanted him. And the enemy had set up witches to try to take him… And then these warlocks and witches made these crazy YouTubes that he was in hell.

This is not true, saints. This is false. Michael Jackson is in Heaven and know what he does? He dances and he sings for the Lord I had a small trance — God put me in a trance — and I had a chance to see Michael last year during the time of the… epidemic and sickness… And God allowed Michael to dance. He says, “Tell the people on Earth” — this is Michael — “… tell the people on Earth to dance before the Lord to start to celebrate. Good things are coming to celebrate. Good things are coming.”

And he’s dancing and he’s singing. He’s a songwriter in heaven. Glory to God.

That sounds like something Kat Kerr would say, and looks like something Kat Kerr would say, but unfortunately, it is not to be so. For one, he has a much more suspect spiritually educational pedigree than she does. Hemant Mehta of the Friendly Atheist, where we found this and borrowed the transcript from, points this out :

By the way, according to Johnson’s own biography, he has no training as a lawyer. He’s just practicing law without a license in the afterlife. But he does have a “Doctorate Degree in Theology from Everlasting CHIPS Ministry and an honorary doctorate degree from Next Dimension University.” That first place doesn’t even really exist — check out the application. And it’s downright hilarious for him to claim he only has an “honorary” doctorate from a school whose actual doctorates wouldn’t count even if they existed.

Sounds like par for the course.


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5 thoughts on “Charismatic Prophet Says He’s Michael Jackson’s Lawyer in Heaven, Where the ‘King of Pop’ Dances for Jesus Despite Witch and Warlock Plot

  1. Everyone knows that Michael Jackson is alive and well, in hiding from the cabal. He sent us messages via his surrogate, The Weekend, during the Superbowl half-time show. All will soon come to light.

  2. ‘In a tale as old as time a charismatic prophet claims God took him to heaven’ – what, like St Paul with his equally nutty claim? (2 Corinthians 12.1-6)

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