Rapper Propaganda’s New Song Says ‘Christ Died in the Blackest Way Possible, With Both Hands…’

Musician and artist “Propaganda,” whose real name is Jason Emmanuel Petty, is perhaps best known for his  blistering critique of Puritanism’s racist history with the song “Precious Puritans.” Now, in a collaboration with Swoope, he released a new single ‘We No Entiende’ that takes a look at protests of racial issues in America, particularly over the summer.

While the song serves to capture the dismay and frenetic loss many have experienced, many of the lyrics could be ripped right out of a Black Lives Matter press release, with claims that the protests were peaceful until the police showed up, that innocents were murdered, and that perhaps the rioting was justified – “History lesson, make them listen. Maybe after we burn that building.

There is a seeming comparison of Kyle Rittenhouse to mass shooter Dylan Roof (Though TGC already made that point), a claim about the collective white boot on the neck of black folk, and rhetorical question, “You want to know who the real believers in America are? It’s those that refuse to let her hide in her delusion.”

The song concludes with a verse from Swoope, making accusations of racist dog whistles in the contemporary Christian music scene, that those who wear red MAGA hats can’t see the victims of black violence, and then says “Christ died in the blackest way possible. With his hands up and his momma there watchin’ him.”

Dog whistles to the tune of CC+M
Blood cries out in Sunday service
From brothers just right outside getting murdered
If you unable to see who’s Abel
It’s ’cause that red hat, it ain’t where Cain go
If you don’t see God in the folks put down
Then, you should pull his book out, take a look now
Christ died in the blackest way possible
With his hands up and his momma there watchin’ him
Tell that to POTUS, let’s expose it
You had that mask on before COVID
You’re either Pharoah or you’re Moses
And time will tell who survives the ocean

The line is from a Crystal Valentia poem, who declares after hearing a reporter claim Jesus was white “how can she say Jesus was a white man when he died the blackest way possible? with his hands up, with his mother watching?”

Of course, it takes a particularly crooked kind of theology that would see Christ’s ultimate death and sacrifice through a racial lens, making racial applications and comparisons based on bad statistics and racist propaganda.

It’s a hot take that has no basis in reality, with things like heart disease, cancer, strokes, and a host of other medical maladies being far above the late finisher. Unless we are talking about abortion, which would surely take the crown. In fact, the amount of black people who died with their hands up (don’t shoot) and their moms watching is basically non-existent.

But can you imagine thinking this way? Feeling the need to apply a racial lens on the death of Christ to make it more relatable? This is the culmination of wokeness, social justice blasphemy, and one could imagine the uproar if a pastor preached a sermon declaring that “Christ died in the whitest way possible” and then adding some white stereotype trope afterward.

On one hand it’s just a line from a song that not a ton of people are going to listen to. On the other, for what it represents, it’s way more than that.

Editor’s note. An earlier version of this article noted that Swoope collaborated on this song, but did not specifically say that he was the one who wrote the verse. As such, Prop responded to our post and pointed out that while he loves the verse and doesn’t see anything wrong with it, that he wasn’t the author and it’s not fair to assign those words to him as if he said them.

Our original title was “Rapper Propaganda Says that ‘Christ Died in the Blackest Way Possible, With Both Hands…’ This was based on the fact that it was presented as a Propaganda song, featuring Swoope, and belied our expectation that he would be responsible for the lyrical content that appears on his own track. But for the sake of greater clarity, we have changed the title to accommodate this requested nuance.


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