Columbia University Hosting Six Graduation Ceremonies Based on Race, Sexuality, and Income Level

In a demonstration of how much they value racial diversity and inclusion, Columbia University is hosting a series of racially and sexually segregated graduation ceremonies for racial, sexual, and financial minorities.

While not replacing the general commencement, yet, these themed services will be given to the self-identifying in order to provide safe space and intimate setting so that they can “reflect on personal growth and community experiences that have impacted their time as students through to graduation.”

They explain on their website:

The university is breaking down the ceremony into the following categories,

  • Native Graduation: A graduation ceremony for Native Americans
  • Lavender Graduation: A graduation ceremony for LGBTQQIP2SAA+
  • Asian Graduation: A graduation ceremony for Asians
  • FLI Graduation: A graduation ceremony first-generation immigrants and low income students.
  • Latinx Graduation: A graduation ceremony is for Latinx students
  • Black Graduation: A graduation for Black folk.

There is no separate ceremonies for white students who aren’t queer or poor.

At this time, it’s uncertain whether or not biracial or bisexual students will be able to attend the ceremony of choice, or whether they would have to attend the one that most closely reflects their skin color or sexual orientation.

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