Boris Johnson Calls Conversion Therapy ‘Repulsive’. MP Likens Prayer Sessions to ‘Corrective Rape’

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has come out swinging against therapy for unwanted same-sex attraction, describing the process of seeking counseling and prayer to change one’s attraction as “repulsive” and vowing to end its practice.

The move to excise all forms of conversion therapy, which is described as any effort to change one’s sexual orientation or gender identity, comes just weeks after a conservative Member of Parliament likened prayer and fasting as a means to affect one sexual orientation as similar to “electroshock therapy” and “corrective rape” and days after three of his LGBT advisors quit over a “lack of progress” in the area, complaining that Johnson was not making it a priority after vowing to ban in the practice he described as “abhorrent in 2020”

As a result of the ministers quitting, Johnson expressed sorrow at their course of action but vowed to proceed as planned.

I think this practice is repulsive and I think it’s abhorrent and I’m sorry these advisers have gone but be in no doubt that we will deal with this issue. It is technically complex to deal with but we’re determined to take further steps to stamp it out.”

Last month, Conservative MP Alicia Kearns set off a bit of controversy after she wrote an article in The House, arguing:

So-called ‘conversion therapy’ is just as it sounds: attempts to use medical, psychological and social methods to ‘convert’ someone away from their innate sexual orientation. It can range from ‘therapy’ and prayer sessions, to aversive treatments like electroshocks or even ‘corrective’ rape. The impact is deeply harmful, causing life-long difficulties in forming relationships, experiencing positive emotions and maintaining self-esteem as well as painful physical manifestations of abuse.

Not one to be outdone, another Member of Parliament, Angela Eagle, castigated the use of prayer for people with unwanted same-sex. Describing it as “harmful,” she said it was akin to “being told by faith leaders or your family that you are sinful.” and that “being told to pray harder to change and to question your innermost feelings and thoughts, none of that should be legal.”

It is a strange logic that says one’s gender, identity, orientation, expression, and even biology are completely fluid and can be changed at will, while at the same time declaring that any effort to help a person affect these things in a way that is unfavorable to the LGBTQ ideals is branded as the most barbaric thing around.

Responding to the hysteria from the Conservative government, Ciarán Kelly, Christian Institute Deputy Director for Communications, rebutted the statements from the MP”s and Prime Minister, bemoaning the level of ignorance that these people were exhibiting towards mainstream Christian practices.

“Of course we believe people should be protected from quack therapists and charlatan preachers. Most of these practices are already illegal and we would urge the government to ensure the law is applied properly… (but) there must also be room for the preaching of God’s Word and for believers to receive prayer and pastoral support, whatever temptations they are facing…

A pastor or church should not face prosecution if a gay man or woman attends church, comes to faith and seeks help in following Christ’s teaching on sexual ethics.”


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