Gay Pastor Says Jesus Used “Racial Slur,” Woman Confronts Him, Jesus Repents of Racism

(Reformation Charlotte) Brandan Robertson, a homosexual and self-described “pastor” and a rising star in progressive evangelicalism says that unless you are a “gay-affirming” Christian, then your theology can only lead you to conclude one thing, that you want all gays to die.

Robertson is an advocate for sexual immorality and teaches that premarital sex is “good” and “healthy.” Of course, conservative Bible-believing Christians would never consider Robertson’s claims to Christianity valid, but the world sees things like this and brings reproach upon Christ.

Robertson said in a recent video that in Mark chapter 7, Jesus used a racial slur. In an absolutely heinous display of biblical stupidity, Robertson says that because this woman was willing to buck up to Jesus, Jesus changed his mind and repented of his racism.

Did you know that there is a part of the gospel of Mark where Jesus uses a racial slur? In Mark chapter 7 there is the account of the Syrophoenician woman–a woman who is Syrian and Greek–both of which there were strong biases against within the Jewish community.

And she comes to ask Jesus to heal her daughter who is possessed by a demon. And what is Jesus’ response? He says, “it’s not good for me to give the children’s food [meaning the children of Israel’s food] to dogs.” He calls her a dog. What’s amazing about this account is that the woman doesn’t back down.

She speaks truth to power, she confronts Jesus and says “well you can think that about me but even dogs deserve the crumbs from the table.” Her boldness and bravery to speak truth to power actually changes Jesus’ mind. Jesus repents of his racism and extends healing to this woman’s


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Editor’s Note. This article was written by Jeff Maples and published at Reformation Charlottle.


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5 thoughts on “Gay Pastor Says Jesus Used “Racial Slur,” Woman Confronts Him, Jesus Repents of Racism

  1. Oy vey, yet another godless ‘teacher’ ax-murdering Scripture. God help the flock naively following this wolf…

  2. By today’s messed-up standards, yes, Jesus did in fact make a “racial slur.”

    Perhaps that might lead some folks to realize that NOT everything that people call “racism” is truly sinful.

    Everything we believe and practice concerning race, ought to be based on Scripture, just as everything we believe and practice concerning any other area of life.

    I hate racism, of any kind, and have worked hard for most of my adult life to counter it.

    Nonetheless, it is not up to me, but to God, to decide whether any particular thought, belief, action, or attitude we might have is sinful or not.

    Now, as for “condone our lifestyle or we accuse you of wanting us to die”? Well, let me be honest and blunt here also. I want them to repent. If they do not, though, they are going to die, not because of me, but because death is the inherent result of their own actions. Death not only to themselves but to their entire line. I do not believe in a “bedroom police” but I do believe that those who publicly violate the holy laws of God, and/or encourage others to do likewise, need to be held accountable for the harm they cause. The death of a person’s body (NOT that I’m advocating this, just trying to give some perspective) is a trival thing compared to the death of a person’s soul. If I lived in a country where the perpetrators of things like “Drag Queen Story Hour” were summarily executed – and again I am not advocating this, but if I did – I would see it as tragic that the perpetrator did not repent, but not nearly so tragic as the harm done to children if he or she did not.

    We are at war, and one of the very few thing I will credit the other side for, that we are sorely lacking, is recognition that we are at war. Both sides will not survive. Only one. Because they will never stop trying to harm God, His Image, His Word, His Law, or His Church, and we – those of us who understand what’s going on anyway – will never stop trying to defend those things. I suspect that our nation and our entire civilization will finally reap what it has sown over the centuries. But I also hope that any leftist, socialist, communist, heretic, homosexual, or any other person guilty of public and unrepentant sin will remain guilty ONLY over my strongest possible objections, arguments, and prayers. I do not wish that sinners would die. I wish they would repent. But let’s be clear: there are only those two choices, because God is Just. We reap what we sow, and if that doesn’t happen in this life, and if Jesus has not reaped the penalty due for our sin, then it most assuredly will happen in the next.

  3. This person, who is blaspheming the Holy Creator, will have more to answer for than the average unrepentant sinner. He is a deceiver, leading people far astray under the guise of Christianity. Nothing could be farther from the truth and abhorrent to God than what he is doing. I will pray for the Holy Spirit to open his eyes to his sin and to the heresy he spreads.

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