1 in 6 Young Americans Now Identify as LGBT

1 in 6 young Americans identifies themselves as being either lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, or transgender, according to a recent Gallup poll that surveyed over 15,000 people. These numbers represent a massive shift in the self-identification of sexual orientation in the United States, particularly among Generation Z (18 to 23 years old).

With 15.6 percent of the entire demographic of Generation Z identifying themselves as LGBT, it represents a tenfold increase over traditionalist identification and would suggest that identifying as heterosexual is dropping off precipitously.

DISRN has pointed out that:

Within this large LGBT contingent of Generation Z, almost three-quarters claim that they are bisexual, by far the largest subset within the LGBT acronym. When extrapolated outward, that means that just over 11 percent of all Americans aged 18-23 claim to be bisexual. Another 2.1 percent claim to be gay, 1.4 percent lesbian, 1.8 percent transgender, and 0.4 percent some other gender.

These skyrocketing numbers demonstrate that the trend and propensity for young people and even not so young to identify as LGBT at an alarming rate have nothing to do with biology or natural, organic development. Rather this is peak social engineering by Hollywood, the school system, and the media, who are hellbent on turning everyone gay and identifying with sexual perversion.

This is a purposeful, deliberate push and represents the greatest threat to children there is. Our children are being actively, relentlessly, and exhaustively indoctrinated by the LGBTQQIP2SAA lobby, which is primarily bound up within the public school system.

It is demonic, pure and simple.

Furthermore, this is just the start. That study caps respondents at 18-years old, meaning that younger children who are coming up the ranks and have been even more exposed to this will have higher numbers than merely 1 in 6 in a few years as it becomes more and more pervasive.

May God have mercy on us.

3 thoughts on “1 in 6 Young Americans Now Identify as LGBT

  1. It’s the “cool” thing to say you’re LGBTQ these days. So, the kids want to be considered cool. All the pandering society does to this group, it’s no wonder people claim to be one of them.

  2. Shocking but not surprising. I do wonder about the gender confusion stats. Wickedness is indeed increasing. Gods word never returns void.

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