Fred K.C Price, Prominent Word-of-Faith Heretic and Megachurch Pastor Dies of COVID-19

Televangelist Frederick K. C. Price, the well-known word-of-faith heretic and founder of the 28,000-member Crenshaw Christian Center (CCC) megachurch, has passed away from COVID-19 at the age of 89, according to a Facebook post by his family.

Price authored more than 50 books on divine healing, faith, prosperity, and the Holy Spirit. He founded the Fellowship of International Christian Word of Faith Ministries (FICWFM), Ever-Increasing Faith Ministries, and Apostle Price Ministry Training Center. He had an international audience, with his live stream services reaching around 15 million people each week.

A mainstay on TBN, he was well known as a word-of-faith/prosperity gospel preacher. In fact, he described himself as “the chief exponent of Name It and Claim It” and was the “OG” of the movement, along with Creflo Dollar, Paul and Jan Crouch, Benny Hinn, and Kenneth Copeland.

According to GotQuestions:

At the heart of the Word of Faith movement is the belief in the “force of faith.” It is believed words can be used to manipulate the faith-force, and thus actually create what they believe Scripture promises (health and wealth). Laws supposedly governing the faith-force are said to operate independently of God’s sovereign will and that God Himself is subject to these laws…it claims that God created human beings in His literal, physical image as little gods…and as a result, we have the ability to manipulate the faith-force and become prosperous in all areas of life. Illness, sin, and failure are the result of a lack of faith.

In short, it is a false gospel, “another gospel” as the Apostle Paul says, and is not compatible with biblical Christianity.

Naturally, the charismatics at Charisma News are beside themselves. They describe him as a “great man of God” who will be “remembered for his passionate, and often controversial, teachings.”

Former Charisma magazine editor Jennifer LeClaire, purveyor of the “sneaky squid spirit” that Dr. Michael Brown so vociferously defends, was effusive in her praise when describing the arch-heretic as a “giant in the faith” and “a general” who shaped her beliefs and influenced her, thanking him for his sacrifice.

Longtime friend Kenneth Copeland wrote on his own Facebook page three days before he passed and hearing the news that he was battling COVID-19:

What a man of God! What a man of faith and power! I don’t believe this disease can kill him. We as a family, and ministry, are standing strong for Apostle Frederick Price!” 

He leaves behind Betty, his wife of 67 years, and 4 children.


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4 thoughts on “Fred K.C Price, Prominent Word-of-Faith Heretic and Megachurch Pastor Dies of COVID-19

  1. Since Copeland is also well into his 80s, I wonder if he’s shaking in his boots, unless his conscience is so seared that that’s not possible.

    By the way, why didn’t he command COVID-19 to leave Price his body since Copeland says he has that power, doesn’t he? Just like he and his wife can change the weather at will, or so they claim.

  2. When I first came to faith in the 80’s, I was a regular follower of Fred Price on the TV. 😩 Grateful for sound preaching that led me to truth.

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