Ravi Zacharias Victim Posts Victim Impact Statement

Lori Anne Thompson, the most well-known and public of Ravi Zacharias’ victims has posted a detailed victim impact statement on her website, detailing the ways that the late-Christian apologist’s sexual predations destroyed her world and adversely affected her and her family for years. It also details the emotional toll that having Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) repeatedly publicly lie about her has had, even as they publicly insist they’ve committed no wrongdoing.

The release of the statement comes on the heels of RZIM confirming they have no intention of releasing her from a non-disclosure/non-disparagement agreement she signed years ago. This continues a long-standing pattern from RZIM of silencing, victim-blaming, and ignoring her wherever possible. It also comes in the light of the knowledge that the big, allegedly “all-encompassing,” and “independent” investigation into Ravi Zacharias will not include her, despite being the catalyst for exposing his abuses and the public face of his victims.

She writes in part:

I tried to tell a Christian counsellor what was happening to me. He told me not to tell anyone, especially not my husband, that he could see RZ’s draw to me, and that if anyone ever found out, the kingdom of God would be irreparably damaged. I became suicidal. When I heard news of someone in our old church getting a diagnosis of terminal cancer, I longed to be her. We visited Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia for my fortieth birthday and I researched how best to slip off the rocks and succumb to the deep—such was the depths of my despair. It was not just what was happening to me, but whom it was happening by.


I was contacted by text, email, and phone from RZ once I had sent a final email to him. He threatened to commit suicide if I broke my silence. I was terrified in that moment and for a long time to come. To my betrayer, telling anyone was betrayal. Abusers not only demand silence—they enforce it.

When I disclosed that same day to my husband what happened to me—he was devastated. Brad had already experienced a protracted history of breach of trust, early abandonment, shaming, and interrupted attachments in his own life. He was crumbling at home with our children and I was in another country in complete collapse. He wasn’t sure he wanted me to come home. I wasn’t sure I would make it home. No one slept that Saturday night and for many years of Saturdays to come. Life as we knew it was ripped apart. We were torn asunder. I can hardly find the words to describe the complete and utter relational, emotional, psychological, and physical implosion.

You can read the letter in its entirety here, as well as watch the video below.

We also recommend that you write a very short email to both lynsey.barron@millermartin.com, who is the woman who prepared the interim report on Ravi’s guilt and who was hired by RZIM, and rzim@rzim.org itself, asking them why they won’t include Lori Anne Thompson in the investigation.

Keep it short and sweet. If you are emailing RZIM, don’t include any links, as they will not open them.


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18 thoughts on “Ravi Zacharias Victim Posts Victim Impact Statement

  1. That $5 million she sued Ravi sure would have solved all her problems. It’s mostly about money. Whether it’s the Thompsons, Ravi or the other “preachers.”

    1. The doctrine of Christianity produces wolves on both sides! Is that not correct lori? Do you not come from the same twisted religion? Did you not pursue Ravi as well? Oh, right , you were just a wee victimized person with no responsibility in the matter.
      When the Elohim of Israel looks at you both , you both are found wanting…

  2. I’m sorry, but I don’t believe all of her story, nor do I believe she was a completely innocent victim. Wasn’t she the one who sent him nude photos of herself?

  3. I feel the Spa stuff is legit and must be explored. However, something about this case has always struck me as VERY off. Not sure this woman can be trusted at all. She plays the victim, but she was clearly part of the adultery and being unfaithful as well. In either case, we will all be able to read the full investigation report when it comes out this month.

  4. I believe her far more than I believe RZIM at this point. They should have released her from the NDA and included her in their investigation. The fact that they didn’t shows how afraid of her story they are. So sorry to read about all she’s been through. I hope RZIM’s days are over. They no longer deserve to exist as a “ministry.” I’ll never listen to anyone ever associated with that organization again. Shame on all of them, including the family. They are all complicit, and Christians who defend RZ are complicit too.

  5. I also find the spa business a shocker and inappropriate. However, I have heard this woman’s sordid style of “testimony” a million times, in diverse denominations. This type of “testimony” has even propelled many women into “ministry”. Seems like there was a lot of degradation and depravity in this whole sad scenario. But still, Jesus is King and He is able to save us, He brings us out of depravity and thankfully, heals our souls. May the Lord deliver all those involved in this tale!

    1. We need Jesus all the more today than yesterday. Only Jesus can heal all of us and will continue to do so because he paid the ultimate price so that we may not perish. Bible and History is full of great men who faltered but the Kingdom of Jesus is not about those. Its about the humble and the gentle and meek. Let us all stay strong more than ever when such news hits us bad. Glory be to Lord Jesus

  6. Well everyone’s been given the green light to sue the pants off the Catholic Church, and they’re hiding assets and declaring bankruptcy to avoid all the suits. They probably deserve a lot of their fate since many of their crimes were perversions against minors. Now evangelicals want to get in on the act too. So far, not so many allegations against them involve homosexual or minors. But If you had sex with your preacher years ago, you too can now be “devastated.” Especially if this was an adulterous relationship. If you had sex with your youth pastor in high school, even better. Not many of these women can produce anything like a police report or any other evidence from the time of the events.

    I don’t know about this case specifically. Has she produced the counseling records from the “Christian counselor” she “tried to tell?” The one who allegedly told her to be quiet or “the kingdom of God would be damaged?” Who is that person? Did she ever see anyone else? “I would have reported it but I didn’t want to damage the kingdom of God” is far too convenient (and gullible) of a reason for being unable to produce corroborating evidence. Btw, the kingdom of God is like Teflon, you CAN’T damage it. You can only damage your chances of being in it.

    That said, if you’re a preacher and you’re part owner of a massage parlor, you’re an idiot.

  7. Can’t really trust anyone in authority esp politicians. I was in a church where pastor (fund. Baptist) had an affair w/ piano player, both wre in their 40’s. The fundamental church split ,and a group built another ind. church apart from the Southern Baptists hierarchy. There were several other cases that friends told me about where pastors or assoc pastors had affairs, some after councelling women with marital issues. We attend a church but we refuse to ever join one again. A so. baptist gov. in Ala. resigned over an affair several yrs ago with a secretary, he was a deacon in a church, wife filed for divorce. So it goes on and on.

    1. Keep in mind that there are many wolves, non-believers in the Visible Church. The true believers are part of the Invisible Church and do not participate in massage parlors or adulteries. Not to mention, abortion, infanticide or genital mutilations.

  8. We need Jesus all the more today than yesterday. Only Jesus can heal all of us and will continue to do so because he paid the ultimate price so that we may not perish. Bible and History is full of great men who faltered but the Kingdom of Jesus is not about those. Its about the humble and the gentle and meek. Let us all stay strong more than ever when such news hits us bad. Glory be to Lord Jesus

  9. I believed Lori the first time I heard of the scandal. I had long known that there was a micro manager at the top of RZIM. So sad. Sorry for all she had to go through. May God continue to heal her and other victims like her. She has infinite worth in Christ which no one can snatch away from her.

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