Cowards! OK ‘Pro-Life’ Politicians Seek To Kill Bill Abolishing Abortion

“Pro-life” politicians in Oklahoma are up to their dirty tricks again, this time seeking to stop the only abortion abolition bill put forward. In an act of extraordinarily convenient and suspect timing, the 13 members of the GOP controlled Health and Human Services Committee are seeking to vote on SB495 early this morning, before the ink has had time to dry on the paper and before the growing abolitionist movement and citizens of Oklahoma have had time to make their voices heard.

Unlike all of the incremental, toothless, nibble-around-the-edges pro-life bills passed by Republicans in the state over the last 40 years and still trying to be passed to this day, SB495 is unique in that it is designed to have Oklahoma completely and decisively abolish abortion regardless of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision that legalized the practice.

Under the proposed legislation, Oklahoma would ignore that court ruling and defy the Supreme Court if and when they invariably interfered.

Despite being the most pro-life state in the country* with a Republican supermajority in the House and Senate, these professing pro-life politicians don’t want to touch abolition with a 10-foot pole. In order to accomplish this furtive task, the vote is being held extremely early under the guise of “getting to bills they never got around to the last session,” even though SB495 is not one of those, having been introduced barely a week ago.

Russell Hunter, a lobbyist for Free the States and the chief architect of the modern-day abolitionist movement, believes this is their way of killing the bill early before Abolition Day, where thousands of constituents will make their voices heard in a mass rally of activism and ideological education.

He notes that all but two of the Senators voted against the previous iteration of this bill, SB13, and that of the two new faces in the legislature, one is a Democrat and the other has not been receptive to abolition overtures. With no intention of letting the bill have a hearing – they’ve chosen to step on the egg and crush the yolk before the baby dragon hatches.

The last action taken by these legislators was to kill the Abolition of Abortion Act back in 2019. Consequently, they’ve not had to deal with the outcry from their constituents about a piece of legislation regarding this subject since, particularly a very vocal segment that is rapidly gaining support from those whose paradigms shifted from regulation to abolition.

By aborting the bill before sponsor Warren Hamilton has a chance to really talk to his fellow Senators, whip support for the bill, pitch it to them, and seek to persuade them to vote for it, “pro-life” politicians are hoping it becomes a non-issue and they won’t have to endure months of sustained campaigning, emails, phone calls, rallies, mailers, and one-on-one meetings about it.

Russell Hunter explains the games pro-life legislators play to avoid voting for abolition

On top of SB495 coming up so early, the session also has 5 other abortion bills to be considered in committee, none of which advocate for the complete abolition of abortion and all of which are useless.

In particular is SB918, introduced by professing “Christ-follower” Greg Treat. This “pro-life bill” says that Oklahoma can only remove laws allowing abortion if the Supreme Court gives them permission. In contrast, SB495 has nullification written into it (from wiki: The idea that the state has the right to nullify or invalidate any federal law which that state has deemed unconstitutional with respect to the United States Constitution).

Treat is against nullification for preborn babies, insisting that they must abide by the edicts of the Supreme Court, but all the while supports nullification for medical Marijuana, despite federal laws against it. In his estimation, access to weed is worth fighting for, protecting the babies is not.

Perhaps worst of all, if SB495 is voted down, it would be dead for two full years. This is because the Oklahoma legislature operates in a two-year cycle and this bill and this language would not be able to be reintroduced until 2023. For this reason, there is a chance it may be pulled by its supporters in order to have time to gather support and steam and become a centerpiece for Abolition Day.

Hunter states that those caring about abolishing abortion need to stand up to these political games and let their voices be heard.

We need to make sure that…the committee knows that we do not want “defunding abortion,” we want abolishing abortion. We the people demand abolition! We want you to stand up for justice and mercy for the preborn, not just simply “well not with MY money.”

If you’re in Oklahoma this morning, please try to make it down to the Capitol building by 8:30 and join others there. If you can’t make it, Senator Hamilton asks that Oklahomans (and we ask others outside the state) to email all members of the committee asking them to vote in favor of the bill in case the bill is heard tomorrow.

Make sure you BCC all these people with a short but sweet message. A form letter/template has been provided below that should be personalized in some way that may serve as an example of content and length.


Email Subject Line : PLEASE SUPPORT SB495 to be discussed on the Senate floor

Message: Dear Senator,

I am contacting you today to graciously encourage you to put on the courage of Christ and support Senator Hamilton’s Bill SB495 Equal Justice & Equal Protection | The Abolition of Abortion In Oklahoma Act.

Please stand for the Word of God, The Constitution of the United States, and the Oklahoma Republican Party platform by sending SB495 to the Senate floor and on through the political process to establish equal protection and equal justice for all human beings beginning at conception.

Respectfully, Your name

*Oklahoma is widely considered the most pro-life state in the US. Republicans have a supermajority in both the House and Senate in Oklahoma. Of the 48 seats in the State Senate, 39 are held by Republicans and 9 by Democrats, meaning that over 80% of the senators are Republicans.  In the House, the GOP clobbers the Democrats 77 to 24.

Furthermore, Oklahoma has a professing Republican pro-life Governor, a Republican pro-life Lieutenant Governor, a Republican pro-life President Pro Tem of the Senate, and a Republican pro-life majority floor leader. 


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