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A reminder that the Gideon Knox group offers access to interesting and important content often banned, throttled, or hidden by Big Tech and our social media Overlords.

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Black man who painted “Jesus is black” on Cathedral shoots and kills white cop

Judge won’t let lawyers tell jury about George Floyd’s prior arrests

U.S. government says China company’s offer to give COVID tests was plot to collect our DNA

Woman who was fired for attending Jan 6 Capitol protests sues boss for 10 million

Youtube pulls videos of doctors giving testimonies about alternative COVID treatments

Mexican TV host goes to FL to get vaccine ahead of Americans

ICE ordered by Biden to stop using term “illegal alien”

Biden AGAIN comes across as senile old man at executive order-signing

Hosptial invites “VIP donors” to front of the line to get vaccine

Gov. Cuomo killed twice as many nursing home patients than originally reported

Chicago teacher says opening up schools is plot by white parents to kill black people

Google blocks ads opposing Supreme Court stacking

Christian scholar booted from Facebook for “incitement” after opposing Biden’s “transgender” military policy

WI police chief bans “Thin Blue Line” flags because they’re “racist”

Biden raises refugee cap by tens of thousands

Lewandowski: Trump to make a major political comeback

MSNBC: Republicans “willing to kill” those who disagree with them

GA Bar Association tells Lin Wood to get psych evaluation or lose creds

Public school official says Trump voters are “scum and plague over the Earth”

Army chaplain “under investigation” for disliking Biden’s tranny policies

Fauci promises world American tax dollars to kill babies

Man who FABCRICATED Russia Gate documents given PROBATION!

Mike Lee: AOC should be censored for claiming Republican colleagues want to murder her

China carried out simulated attack on USS Roosevelt

Facebook to limit access to political news

COVID vaccine only 50% effective against “mutant strains”

China donations to U. Penn tripled after “Biden Center” formed

Adam Schiff: Republicans are a “dangerous cult”

Nope. Nope. Nope: China is using “anal swabs” to test for COVID

Billionaires 40% richer since COVID began

Twitter blocks ‘Focus on the Family’

Where’s the media? Antifa rioted at ICE facility last night, complete with BOMBS

Health care worker takes COVID vaccine, drops dead

Pelosi says Republican colleagues are “enemy within”

VOX suggests mental health therapy is needed to recover from “Trump-related trauma”

American Journal of Medicine admits hydroxychloroquine is effective COVID treatment

Capitol police want permanent border wall at U.S. Capitol

NBC doctor says Americans should wear FOUR facemasks

Netflix’ “anti-racist” Ibram Kendi lobbies for totalitarian government

Only 13% in WY would vote to reelect Liz Cheney

Tad Late: Judge rules VA mail-in voter policy change was illegal

Bed, Bath, and Beyond loses 34% stock value after firing Mike Lindell

Southern Baptist leader says women who get abortion deserve “quality care”

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