The Insurgency News Update for January 18, 2021

New York does away with “gifted” programs because they’re unfair to the dumb kids

A “homeless camp” near the capitol caught on fire, shutting down inauguration practice

Principal fired for speaking out against Big Tech censorship

French workers forced to wear “social distancing” collars

Democrat official texts photo of his junk to 19-year-old

AOC demands Republican colleagues resign for thinking there’s election fraud

Peter Navarro proves Trump won

Bill Bar stops Snowden pardon, rejects voter fraud claims

GOP establishment says they’ll impeach Trump if he doesn’t admit the election was fair

Liberal politician says pickup trucks promote toxic masculinity and violence

Speech is about to be criminalized

Selena Gomez says Big Tech censorship caused Capitol riots

Biden will unleash Trannies on school kids

Democrat lawmaker says “white, male” National Guard members are probably white supremacists and terrorists

2k National Guard troops given civilian police capacity through deputization before inauguration

Trump plans 100 pardons for tomorrow

“Lincoln Project” founder steps down after turning out to be a homosexual pervert pushing himself on young men

Massive migrant caravan headed to U.S. from Honduras, believing Biden will let them in

COVID lockdowns to cause 1 million deaths

Google and Facebook secretly plotted how to take over all Internet ad revenue

Parler is back online

Florida promises action on Big Tech censorship

Biden to kill XL Pipeline on first day

Trump expands border security declaration until 2022

California halts COVID vaccines after it was determined vaccine was killing people

CNN reporter urges politicians to ban Newsmax and other conservative outlets

Indiana officials trying to ban all abortions inside state

GAB calls for Facebook and Twitter to be banned

Facebook bans ads for tactical gear

California city says “white lives matter” banner is basically an act of terrorism

Alec Baldwin says he wants Trump to swing from a noose

Wyoming reports first case of Wuhan Flu mutation

Wuhan flu mutation will require everyone to get vaccine, says Dr. Fauci

COVID lockdowns caused unprecedented “murder spike” nation wide

Hardly nobody showed up for Biden’s virtual inauguration party

Leftist funded by George Soros busted in inauguration terror plot

Amazon allows “Kill Trump” merchandise

Federal employees caught on Zoom call brainstorming how to overthrow Trump from the inside

Peer reviewed study shows lockdowns did not prevent COVID spread

Georgia prosecutor wants to charge Trump with election meddling


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