Podcast: Reconstruction Isn’t Coming This Time

On this episode of Polemics Report, JD launches into the news from The Insurgency email update (which you should definitely sign up for at GideonKnox.com) and focuses on news regarding the Democrats’ payback to conservatives, Christians, and Trump-supporters. JD explains that Reconstruction – like that started by President Johnson in 1865, is not coming this time. Even though there has not been a Civil War yet, the Democrats are acting like it and want revenge. But this time, the federal government will not extend an olive branch like they did to the South. They will come for us, and no one will be there to protect us but God. Then, JD includes the Prepping 101 portion from the Bulldogmatic Bible Study at the end of the podcast

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1 thought on “Podcast: Reconstruction Isn’t Coming This Time

  1. When the left uses the word “cleansing” think of what the communists in Eastern Europe meant by “ethnic cleansing” and how they carried it out. Can you imagine how long this is been in the works bubbling under the surface of society. The left has been busy while the right has mostly been sleeping and placing all their hopes on one guy, and even he couldn’t be alert enough along with the Republican national committee to prevent what happened in November. Wait until you see who our next several presidents are after Biden and their beliefs that will be enforced.

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