Top SBC Leader Says If He Were Senator, He Would Vote to Impeach and Convict Donald Trump

(Reformation Charlotte) Russell Moore, head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission — a George Soros-linked front group for the Evangelical left — is arguably the most controversial figure in the American Church. That Moore, who spends denominational resources fighting for open borders, amnesty, and lobbying governments to build Islamic mosques, has somehow managed to hang on to this top leadership position despite calls from multiple angles for his resignation.

In a recent email communication, Russell Moore called for the impeachment of Donald Trump. But he didn’t stop there, he said that if he were a senator, he’d impeach Trump and vote to convict him — and that he’d be willing to risk losing his Senate seat to do so.

After making a ridiculous and unfounded case that, somehow, the president — who called unarguably called for peaceful protesting — incited a “violent” “insurrection,” he writes,

You don’t have to

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Editor’s Note. This article was written by Jeff Maples and published at Reformation Charlotte.

5 thoughts on “Top SBC Leader Says If He Were Senator, He Would Vote to Impeach and Convict Donald Trump

  1. If anyone here knows anyone at Reformation Charlotte, please ask them to proofread their article and post the corrected version instead. I’d like to send the story to some people, but I can’t do that in its current state.

  2. I’ll never forget meeting Rosaria Butterfield at her husband’s church a few years ago and asking her about her appearing on stage with Moore the year before and she told me not to worry about him and that he was solid.

    Ever since then I had my doubts about her and definitely him. Ever get the feeling he’s working for the other team all this time and getting away with it? How is that possible? Probably making way up in the six figures a year as well.

  3. Who has the ability I get rid of him? Russell Moore is not only not a Baptist, he’s probably not a Christian at all. He should not have a position at a Christian organization.

    He is a classic wolf in sheep’s clothing who sought and obtained a position in a church body for the purpose of destroying it from within. If you think this is crazy, you haven’t taken a good look at the Catholic and mainline Protestant churches and what happened to them. They were intentionally targeted by progressive activists and infiltrated with people who didn’t believe their doctrine who were promoted or appointed to decision making positions and worked to degrade the organizations from within. Wake up.

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