PayPal Blocks Christian Crowdfunding Platform GiveSendGo

PayPal has dumped and cut ties with the Christian crowdfunding platform GiveSendGo after it was revealed there were some campaigns running for protesters who had been arrested at the rally at the Capitol, including Ali Alexander of Stop the Steal movement.

The move to excise the company comes as the mass purge of anything to do with Trump continues across the digital world, recently with Shopify banning thousands of accounts and businesses selling MAGA wares.

The fundraising alternative to Gofundme, perhaps best known for its high-profile fundraiser for Kyle Rittenhouse, said it is in the process of trying to find a new payment solution, explaining:

We have/are changing/moved away from our previous payment solutions (examples. WePay, Stripe, PayPal, etc.) and are implementing/working with our own solutions to continue providing efficient service to our users.”

It is of note that GiveSendGo is still hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), who recently dumped Parler, forcing the Social Media site to go offline in search of other servers. AWS currently hosts about 40 percent of the internet alone.

PayPal, for their part, are unmoved by protestations from the website, saying in a statement on Monday:

We regularly assess activity against our acceptable-use policy and carefully review actions reported to us, and will discontinue our relationship with account holders who are found to violate our policies.

PayPal has a longstanding, well-defined, and consistently enforced acceptable use policy. Regardless of the individual or organization in question, we work to ensure that our services are not used to accept payments for activities that promote hate speech, violence, or other forms of intolerance.

Editor’s Note. During our research we found that this self-described Christian crowdfunding site allows campaigns for some very sinful and wicked things such as seemingly allowing pages that help fund the murder of babies via campaigns for abortion services. We don’t know what else that could refer to. We have reached out to GiveSendGo but at the time of publication have not heard back from them yet, and we will update accordingly.


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