No Charges for Abortion Doctor who Kept 2411 Dead Babies in Garage, Trunk of Car

Indiana’s Attorney General has closed out the case of the abortion “doctor” who kept 2411 dead babies preserved in his home, in the trunk of his car, and spread elsewhere on his property, declaring that he acted alone and cannot be charged due to his timely passing in 2019.

In a case that horrified the pro-life community and got a big “meh ” from the media and anti-life acolytes, following abortionist Ulrich Klopfer’s death on Sept. 3, 2019, his family discovered the collection of baby remains all throughout his property. According to the report:

The remains, mostly found in molding boxes and old Styrofoam coolers containing large, red medical waste bags, were in various states of decay.

Each remain appeared to have been placed in a small, clear, plastic specimen bag for purposes of being medically preserved in a chemical suspected to be formalin, a formaldehyde derivative.

However, many of the bags degraded over time and/or suffered damage, resulting in leakage from the individual bags into the outer bag, box, or cooler.

The remains are believed to have been dated from 2001-2003, being stored away for nearly 20 years.

Attorney General Curtis Hill explained that the murderous Klopfer, who was the medical director for 4 abortion clinics and performed tens of thousands of abortions over a 35-year spree, acted alone when he “failed to effectuate the proper disposition of the fetal remains as required by Indiana law,” explaining:

No one is believed to have assisted Dr. Klopfer in his actions, and because Dr. Klopfer is dead, he cannot be charged with a crime or with medical misconduct.

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