Progressive Pastor Dwight McKissic Pledges to Leave SBC If they Reject CRT

Pastor Tom Buck, who has been doing some generally excellent work (with a few exceptions here and there) exposing the theological fraud of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and pastors who can’t live without it, has exposed the heart of progressive pastor Dwight McKissic, who has pledged like Charlie Dates and Raph West to leave the SBC if they roll back Resolution 9 and make a formal resolution denouncing it from the convention floor.

The recent row started with this statement, which is a very apropos insight that we likewise made:

McKissic called it a misrepresentation and was mad because six seminary presidents denied any benefit to CRT. Buck shot back that he agreed with the assessment, pointing out in not so many words that it is a doctrine of demons.

McKissic, who by the way is a charismatic, believes in females pastors, endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, holds to Critical Theory, and is a race-baiting Cultural Marxist who routinely terrorizes the SBC annual meeting with resolutions forcing messengers to vote for his policies or suffer looking politically incorrect in the press, drew a red line in the sand.

What wonderful news.

At this point we have no reason to suppose that the SBC can pull itself out of this liberal pit they’ve gleefully jumped headfirst into, but certainly having McKissic weighing them down won’t help matters.

He’s a pus-filled boil that should have lanced and drained from the buttock of the Southern Baptist Convention a long time ago. Instead, he was left to fester for years and years, infecting and spreading his particularly potent leaven. With him gone, the SBC has a chance, but we’re not holding our breath. To quote AD Robles:

Near we tell, they’re not in the leadership, that’s for damn sure.

3 thoughts on “Progressive Pastor Dwight McKissic Pledges to Leave SBC If they Reject CRT

  1. CRT is not an issue where Christians can “respectfully agree to disagree” with those who promote or subscribe to it. Dwight McKissic is full of the devil. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. Pure poison.

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