Breaking! Carl Lentz Previously Caught With ‘Young Celebrity’ by Longtime Employee in 2014

Disgraced ex-Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz was caught having sex with a young celebrity in his own home, according to allegations by a former employee in a bombshell report by the Sun.

The claim comes from Lee Martin, who was employed by the Lentz family as their dog walker for many years. He says that he once walked into the apartment and assumed no one was home. He went upstairs and then heard the pair having sex in one of the bedrooms, being the only ones in the house, and then saw them emerge from the room looking flushed and unkempt.

I walked into the house one day to walk their dog and I didn’t see or hear any people in the apartment at first. So I took it that no one was there and went in and got their dog on a leash. And as I went to exit the apartment, I walked past the bedroom and I heard sex noises.

It definitely sounded like two people were having sex. I was kind of shocked but I do walk into stuff like this quite a lot. I knew that I wasn’t supposed to be there because nobody would be making those kinds of noises if they knew someone was around.

When I walked out of the door, I accidentally let the door close behind me too loud. And so by the time I made it to the elevator, Carl and the star were right behind me. He didn’t look me in the eye, and didn’t talk to me or acknowledge me, which was very unlike him. They both seemed kind of flushed – like they had been having sex.

Long time family dog walker and past employee Lee Martin. Source/ The Sun

Lee told several close friends about the incident at the time, but chose not to disclose it until the recent revelations with Ranim Karim came about. According to insider reports, several more women have come forward as a result of the investigation Hillsong has launched into the culture at their NYC “church” plant. Though Lee has named the celebrity Lentz was sleeping with, the Sun has chosen not to report it.

Lee, for his part, wasn’t a fan of Lentz and the way he behaved, explaining:

I always found he kind of put out this manipulative, almost grooming vibe. And I started to look at his interactions with people over the years, videos and pictures and things, and it just seemed inappropriate for a pastor.

I would see him parading around the neighborhood with his shirt off, wearing thousand dollar leather pants, on an electric scooter, smoking an electric cigarette. It just doesn’t seem like a pastor at all.

This information lines up with Hillsong founder Brian Houston’s claim that Lentz had “many affairs.” We’re sure this won’t be the last revelation to come out.

[Editor’s note. Reports of dysfunction from Hillsong continue to emerge at a rapid rate, but we have chosen to not cover the majority of them because of their reliance on “unnamed sources” that we have been unable to verify. Until they name who is bringing forth the allegations, we won’t be writing about it.]

2 thoughts on “Breaking! Carl Lentz Previously Caught With ‘Young Celebrity’ by Longtime Employee in 2014

  1. Unfortunately, this isn’t surprising at all. Hillsong is a joke of a “church” and you could just tell by looking at Lentz and the people he hung out with that trouble would soon find him. What’s even crazier about all this (besides him supposedly being a man of the cloth), is that his wife is a very physically attractive woman. There was no reason to go straying (not that there ever is one, but it just makes it all the more confusing as to why he felt the need to).

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