Beth Moore’s Beliefs are Far More Dangerous than ‘Trumpism’

If you can picture a crazed woman, who having managed to scuttle atop a Chick-fil-A rooftop, is now alternating between throwing rocks down upon irritated patrons below and urinating on them as they pass by, all while the police watch, sit back, and stand down, then congrats, you’ve accurately surmised the state of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) when it comes to Beth Moore.

This spectacle was on full display when both the treacherous #BigEva elites and the “go-homer’s” of the faithful SBC remnant watched as the money-making darling of Lifeway trended on Twitter. This the result of launching a blistering invective against “Trumpism” and “Christian nationalism,” gaining national attention and amassing 22.1k retweets, 9.7k quote tweets, and 143.6k likes at the time of this writing, with the next two follow up posts getting 30k likes as well.

Her screed was jubilantly covered by a raft of prominent news organizations, both in and out of the Christian sphere, praising her for her takedown and some calling it a “watershed moment.” It was not. Rather, it was a factually and theologically inaccurate rift that demonstrates once again that Moore has no idea what she’s talking about.

Last year she said that nationlism was a sin (it’s not), and this year she’s labeling “Christian Nationalism” and ‘Trumpism” as the most seductive and dangerous things in the world for Christians to believe in.

Is it more dangerous than the prosperity gospel, the false gospel of health and wealth which has enslaved tens of millions of people, ruined untold lives, and will surely lead people to hell – all who believe it and the false assurances it brings?

Is it more dangerous than progressivism and liberalism creeping into the church? Where denominations like the PCUSA, ELCA, and sundry Anglican and Episcopalian groups that have abandoned biblical Christianity in wholesale fashion have come to celebrate same-sex marriage, abortion, and transgderedism as being holy and good things?

Is it more dangerous than Critical Race Theory and the accompanying nonsense of white privilege, intersectionality, microaggressions, social justice, standpoint theory, and a host of other race-baiting tactics that divide the church and have even lead to some churches having services segregated by race? In fact, you’ll recall that it’s on this basis that you said Christians shouldn’t preach or share the gospel at BLM protests and declared that “white supremacy” is running rampant in much of the church, sowing discord and mistrust among members.

Given the amount of press, plaudits, and praise “Auntie Beth” has received from this tweet, perhaps the most dangerous and seductive thing to believe is whatever made her into the divisive, leftist, “I can preach to men and women should be pastors” egalitarian who cloaks her radically progressive beliefs behind a “biblical” narrative, all the while being given free-reign to frolic throughout the SBC with her Lifeway book money backing her and taking potshots at biblical orthodoxy while engaging in other misadventures of theological treason.

We’ll go with that over “Trumpism” and “Christian Nationalism” any day.

Note: for a detailed expose of Beth Moore’s danger, check out Seth Dunn’s book So Long, Beth Moore: You’ve Been a Bad Friend to Us, which dives into Beth Moore’s false teaching and writing.


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7 thoughts on “Beth Moore’s Beliefs are Far More Dangerous than ‘Trumpism’

  1. Yes, she comes up with some goofy stuff.
    But just think . . . . . .
    James Robison (male) made her famous.
    LifeWay (bunch of males) made her a star. $$$$$$$
    Churches all over the country promote her materials (with the male pastors’ support?).
    Is it any wonder she takes herself seriously? Or that so many women think she’s so wonderful?
    Might have been a different story if more pastors taught the Word in an effective manner, if Sunday Schools taught the Bible instead of the quarterlies and DVDs.
    The Bethie problem is just one piece of a much bigger problem bearing down on us right now. I want to know if we’re ever going to do anything about it. Frankly, I think most churches are just too far-gone. The only hope will be visionary pastors ready to start with small groups around tables with open Bibles, not DVD kits and workbooks from LifeWay and such. Start from the ground up and train disciples. Cancel Sunday School (no more ignorant teachers). Train trainers who can train more disciples. Quality, not quantity. Keep it simple. Don’t tie the work to buildings. The visionaries need to get ready for what’s coming. Are we going to win the lost and train them to mature in Christ and reach others — or fight the government over property and rights?
    If we don’t do a better job of teaching the truth, people are going to fall for a lot more drivel than Bethie’s babble.

  2. Sorry, Beth, but I don’t know of any believers who worship Trump, but do know plenty who are intelligent enough to understand the difference between his administration’s policies and beliefs versus those of his adversary – a discernment you obviously lack.

    1. Amen to this too. How people can use the Bible to discern between the two and choose Biden shows how ignorant spiritually and Biblically the American church has become.

  3. I’ve yet to see a Beth Moore pic in which she doesn’t look absolutely psychotic. She appears to be as crazy as Copeland appears demonic.
    Get Beth some Prozac and get Copeland an exorcist. Then put them both in padded cells away from pulpits, cameras, and any kind of “connected” keyboards.

  4. I’ve attended one of her ‘events’…and watched as she takes Bible scripture and twists and twists until she comes up with some skewed garbage that doesn’t remotely represent the Truth. She is a modern snake oil salesman and instead of living a humble lifestyle, she is the personification of a jet setter and believes in her own ‘spiritual wisdom’. I guess she would rather see us all under the Communist yoke…if that happens they will come for her millions first.

  5. Just wondering Beth, who you voted for? Since you’re a Trump Hater (or at least a Trump despiser) that means you either didn’t vote, voted for some lame Libertarian or Biden. Right? If you voted for Biden then you’re pretty out of touch. I love Jesus and support Donald trump because he’s done a good job. Nationalism? Maybe you could run and do a better job? Or maybe your fame and fortune as a Bible teacher would make you so you couldn’t afford the pay cut?

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