Transgendered Minister Calls Police on Christian Man who Called his Marriage ‘Wicked’ – Alleges Hate Crime

A United “Reformed” “Church” “minister” who was born a woman, “became a man,” and “married” another woman, called the police and filed a report of a hate crime against a Christian evangelist who likewise felt there are too many air quotes in that sentence and called the marriage out for the sinful and vile thing that it is after she was briefly featured in a short video promo encouraging inclusivity and diversity in the church.

The “Reverend” Alex Clare-Young a “minister” with the United Reformed Church, reported Christian evangelical Ben John to the police for the heinous hate crime after John posted a reaction video to the promo piece expressing his distaste for the heretical theology.

John, who is a member of the conservative advocacy Group “Christian Concern” did not name Clare Young in his response video, but rather said of the minister who was appearing on hand with her wife, also a minister, as a general comment:

In reality if transgenderism is a false ideology, which it is, then what we’re actually seeing here is a lesbian couple. This man isn’t really a man. She’s a woman. So whilst the Church of England might say yes we haven’t changed the doctrine of marriage, they have changed the practice. “Not only that, they were both clergy. These weren’t laypeople. These were leaders in the church. Should we be ordaining transgender people? Is this the message we want to be sending?

Alex Clare-Young, Minister extraordinaire

Fact Check: True

Clare-Young asked John to either take down or edit the video, a move he refused. As a result, she went to the police, explaining:

I’m not trying to exclude people who identify as conservative evangelicals with a traditional view of scripture. I don’t want anyone to be excluded, but neither do I want anyone to exclude me.

I felt that [his comments] were leading to personal harm to myself, my wife, and the others in the video. It feels as if he is denying LGBT people the right to be involved in Christian worship. It describes me and my wife as being in a same-sex marriage, which isn’t true. It made me feel very unsafe.

The Yorkshire police declined to give further details on the case, other than confirming it indeed is being investigated as a hate crime.


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6 thoughts on “Transgendered Minister Calls Police on Christian Man who Called his Marriage ‘Wicked’ – Alleges Hate Crime

  1. A Romans 1 church. God has given them up.
    Idolators and homosexuals represent a complete reversal or inversion of the created order. Other sins of rebellion or sex are still sins but are done inside the created order. The idolatry and homosexuality of Romans one represent the complete inversion of God’s created order, the end of the road of disordered minds, the dead end of human reasoning. Under the influence of Satan humans will always reverse the flow of what God has ordained and run backwards, in reverse. This is what happens to those God has given up.

  2. It’s coming our way, folks. It will probably eventually result in Christianity itself, not the pseudo- forms like in this church in England, but true, Bible-based Christianity of the Reformed a variety, will be considered a hate crime to practice it. Funny how these “ministers” don’t seem to be very familiar with Romans chapter 1. Let’s face it: they are worshiping themselves, their own deity.

  3. And I used to wonder in high school in my reading about the Holocaust how people could turn their friends and co-workers over to the Nazis. Now we know. And I agree with Ruthseeker. It is coming and it is coming for us. Be prepared to take your stand for God.

  4. Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
    This is wrong and they believe it is good! Wow the rapture will be any day now! Lord your word spoke it and now we see it AMEN!

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